Are electric grills allowed in apartments

Are electric grills allowed in apartments?

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Indoor grilling gives you the opportunity to grill year round. Unlike outdoor grills, you can grill at your kitchen or at the balcony regardless of the weather outside.

It is a popular choice for residents of condominiums and apartments. However, fire regulations are imposed to limit indoor grilling due to the hazards posed.

For most communities and multi-family residentials, there is a prohibition with the use of grills.

Generally, it is prohibited to cook using charcoal, smokers, gasoline, and liquified petroleum gas powered appliances.

If so, are electric grills allowed in apartments? The good news is that electric grills are one good exemption.

There are some multi-family dwellings which allow the use of several non-electric powered grills only if you distance the equipment from combustible structures.

Typically, the grill should not be less than 15 feet away from wooden decks and balconies or any structure that can easily catch fire.

On the other hand, electric grills are permitted without having to distance or isolate the appliance. Now, that is one thing less to worry about.

The electric grill advantage

Your apartment may impose limits on how you can cook but using an electric grill can offer you an array of benefits:

  • Permitted by rules and safety

Fire regulations are strictly imposed and insisting on using those equipment that are prohibited can get you into trouble. 

When this happens, you can get issued citations or at worst cause fire to the residential structure.

By using electric grills, you avoid any lawsuit as well as putting you and other residents at risk.

  • Space efficient

Are electric grills allowed in apartments only because they’re safer? The answer is yes, and not only that they’re typically compact too.

Its design allows you to simply place it on a kitchen top and it doesn’t even take a lot of space. Unlike other grills that take up so much area and weigh heavy, electric grills provide you with ease.

Also, they can be stored conveniently within tight spaces such as your compartments.

  • Easy to use

Electric grills are easy to operate. There is no need to assemble or set up several components for it to start working. Simply plug it to a nearby power source, switch it on, and turn up the temperature dial.

On the other hand, cleaning will not be as cumbersome compared to other types of grills because it is not a huge equipment with so many other parts. Surely, cleaning won’t be a daunting task. 

  • Delivers satisfactory performance

For the flavor enthusiast, an electric grilled steak may not yield that authentic smokey flavor a charcoal grill does.

However, electric grills can deliver a variety of flavors for your dishes. In fact, it can even simulate that taste and seared mark textures you get from charcoal grilling.

Overall, it can deliver a performance that makes your meals taste like restaurant quality.

  • Environmental friendly

Are electric grills allowed in apartments only because of low fire risk? Primarily, the intent of the regulation is to avoid catching fire but little did they know electric grills are friendly to nature.

When using an electric grill you are actually using a clean and efficient cooking option. 

Using charcoal actually emits toxins into our air. Too much use of charcoal dirts the environment.

Also, electric grills are more energy efficient since it only consumes an adequate amount of energy for a short period of cooking. Electric grills provide the greener option.

  • The healthy option

Charcoal grills are best known to yield that iconic flavor compared to electric grills.

However, electric grills are still better because not only is it safe from falling embers but healthier too. In the long run, using charcoal which produces carcinogens can take a toll on your body.

With the electric grill as your option, even if you use it all year you don’t risk yourself to it.

The right grill for your apartment

Now it is clear that you can have one at your place. Choosing the right grill can be confusing.

If you want to know more, read our reviews on the best electric grills for apartments.


As it is known to you, the answer to the query “Are electric grills allowed in apartments?” is landlord approved.

The primary reason why electric grills are allowed for use is because it is safer compared to charcoal or gas.

However, be aware that though electric grills are compliant to the safety regulations yet it is not without risk. Thus, always use your electric grills with caution.