Baking Steel Griddle

Baking Steel Griddle Review

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Quick Overview






  • Solid steel construction
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Large cooking surface
  • Dual functions
  • Works with any heat source


  • Might be a tad pricey for some

Every food enthusiast can use a culinary powerhouse in their kitchen. You know, that one piece of equipment that revolutionizes the way they cook. That one cookware that lets you create professional-grade food much to the delight of your guests and your own taste buds.

Baking steel is one such cookware. Don’t let the name fool you; baking steel is more than a specialty baking implement. It adds a welcome twist to your entire cooking experience. It doubles as a griddle when you flip it over, making it a well-rounded cooking solution.

One of the most notable advantages of the baking steel is that it allows you to churn out commercial-grade pizzas right from your kitchen. Pizzas made on the baking steel boasts the same crispy crust that rolls off a commercial oven down at your favorite pizzeria. Have a look at this baking steel griddle review and discover the other hidden uses of this handy kitchen equipment.


Baking Steel Griddle Review

The baking steel griddle comes with a flat skillet on one side and a baking surface on the other to help meet your cooking needs. The baking sheet lets you bake professional-grade pizza and bread right from your kitchen. Each of them rolls out of the oven with a firm, crispy crust and an even brown color. This baking sheet means you’ll never contend with a broken pizza stone ever again.

Flip over the baking steel and that is when the real fun begins. Now you get a solid, flat, polished griddle that lets you cook up a feast in the shortest time possible. You get what some have taunted to be the best consumer cooking surface in the world. This slab of solid steel fits perfectly over the two burners of whichever range you might have going in the kitchen. It offers you a large cooking surface complete with a grease drain to let you feed an army without breaking a sweat. From frying eggs, sizzling bacon, crisping up some hash, or flipping pancakes, breakfast with the family will always be a delicious affair.

The sheer size of the 3/8-inch thick steel griddle lets you cook enough food to feed an army. Its exceptional heat retention capacity means you get to cook a lot of food in the shortest time possible. Getting the delicious sear marks on your burgers, steaks, lamb and pork chops or even veggies at home is easier than ever.

Who is This Griddle For?

If you enjoy getting a good sear on your burgers and steak, then this reversible steel griddle is for you. The skillet is meant to help cooking enthusiasts make a lot of delicious foods without spending all their time cooking it.

The griddle is the perfect choice for anyone tired of shelling out their hard-earned money for pizza stones that crack and fail within a few years. It’s the ideal replacement for the delicate pizza stones and the more expensive stainless-steel pans or skillets. The griddle’s exceptional heat retention capacity, large cooking surface, and searing capacity meet and surpass the function of a steel pan and pizza stone.

Unboxing Baking Steel Griddle

The baking steel griddle measures 0.4-inches thick, 18-inches long, and 14-inches wide. It weighs 25 pounds, with a shipping weight of 25.6 pounds. It’s a standalone item without additional accessories.


Solid steel construction

As the name suggests, the baking steel griddle boasts a thick steel composition that makes for a premium cooking surface. That makes for a durable cooking ware that will last for many generations. As a flat sheet of thick steel, this griddle is easy to stash away after use.

Exceptional heat retention

This steel griddle boasts a thermal conductivity that rivals that of a commercial grade oven that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Excellent heat retention capacity creates the perfect cooking surface to meet all your griddling, searing, and stove cooking needs. Surprisingly, the griddle works well in cold temperatures, making it a valuable tool when serving cold dishes and pastry making.

Works with many heat sources

This steel griddle is at home in the oven, on the stovetop, on a grill, or over a campfire. You can even heat it over several cans of Sterno to create a hot cooking surface on the fly. As long as you can get the heat going, you can cook on this griddle.

Virtually indestructible

It’s a thick flat sheet of steel with no moving parts that won’t warp or twist when heated. It’s practically impossible to damage or destroy this griddle. The chances of destroying this griddle but your chances of success would be slim to none. It can be passed down through several generations.

Multiple personalities

A baking sheet on one side and a flat griddle on the reverse, the baking steel handles just about any cooking need you may have at home. The baking sheet functions as your commercial grade baking oven while managing all your griddling needs. It meets all the requirements for a heavy-duty steel pan, saving you from making an additional purchase.

Non-stick layering

The griddle ship is pre-seasoned with proprietary oil to gives users a nonstick cooking surface right off the bat. With continued use, the griddle becomes darker until it acquires an anodized bronze look. With continued seasoning, the non-stick quality of the skillet increases to give you an excellent cooking surface.



If you find that the price tag on the baking sheet griddle is a tad too rich for your blood, you can opt for the CO-Z 20-inch cast iron reversible griddle. The skillet works with all types of heating sources from stovetops to induction to barbecue grill and campfire. The griddle is ribbed to give your meats the signature ribbed look associated with seared steaks.

The Verdict

From this baking steel griddle review, you can tell that this cookware makes a welcome addition to the kitchen. It meets all your griddling needs, works with just about any heat source, and cooks a lot of food quickly. You can churn out professional-grade pizzas and bread when you flip the griddle over and use the baking sheet.