Best Double Burner Griddle – Top Picks

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A griddle is a widely-used cookware item with a flat, non-stick surface that is suitable for numerous occasions. You can use it for cooking a wide variety of foods, such as pancakes, bacon, and even hot sandwiches like grilled cheese.

Aside from that, many studies show that a griddle is a healthy cooking solution when compared to other options like a grill, for example. Plus, it still maintains excellent taste and ease of cooking.

There are many great griddles on the market, and, in this article, we have reviewed the best five to buy in 2019. So without further ado, let us take a look at these options to see what they have on offer so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Comparison Chart

All-Clad 3020 Double Burner 13-Inch by 20-Inch Griddle

Cuisinart 655-35 13-Inch by 20-Inch Double Burner Griddle

T-fal A92114 / C4061484 18-Inch x 11-Inch Double Burner Griddle

Vremi 20 inch Large Nonstick Two Burner Griddle

Coghlan’s Two Burner Non-Stick Camp Griddle, 16.5 x 10-Inches

Best Double Burner Griddle Reviews

1. All-Clad 3020 Hard Anodized Double Burner Griddle

This item is a high-quality, extra-large griddle that is simple to use and allows you to make tasty food with ease. Besides that, we should mention that it’s made by All-Clad, which is a famous U.S. manufacturer of cookware that is known for their great products.


As we mentioned, this skillet is large and fits over two stovetop burners. It is ideal for entertaining the crowd since you can make a lot of food at once, while still maintaining perfect food quality. Plus, it is effortless to use, since it has a hard anodized surface that prevents sticking and provides even heat distribution. This means that all food is cooked evenly, no matter if you place it in the center or at the side of the skillet.

At first glance, you can notice that it looks beautiful and modern. It has a black surface that is in contrast to its stainless-steel rivets and handles. No matter what style of kitchen you have, it will be a perfect fit due to its minimalist design. Another thing to note is that the handles stay cool, no matter how long you cook. Also, the pan has a channel that collects fat and juices, which is very useful.

There are two burners below the griddle instead of a single burner like most griddles have. Also, it has a raised edge and a small channel which not only collects fats and juices but also drains them from food. That way, you get healthy food with no harmful fats and unhealthy sauces.

Another great thing about this skillet is its material quality. It has an excellent three-ply construction that centers around a high-performance aluminum core. Also, the anodized stainless steel interior is entirely safe and doesn’t react to food, not even at high temperatures.

The only downside that we noticed is that it’s not flat at the bottom. This is not a big deal, but it might be challenging to balance between two burners. However, it also depends on the food you cook. Having a very reasonable price tag and high quality, we can say that this griddle is a perfect choice for every kitchen. It is especially useful if you have to cook a lot of food at once.


  • High-quality material
  • Provides a channel to collect fats and juices
  • Ideal for preparing food for parties
  • Very nice, minimalist design


  • Not flat at the bottom

2. Cuisinart 655-35 Double Burner Griddle

Made by the well-known manufacturer Cuisinart, this is another tremendous double burner. With its hard anodized, 13" x 20" surface, it is an excellent cookware item that every kitchen should have.


First off, we should note that this griddle has sloped sides, which maximizes the cooking surface. You can also notice that its design allows easy browning and tossing of small foods, such as mushrooms. The exterior is hard anodized, which is even harder than stainless steel, guaranteeing excellent durability and professional performance. It is dense and highly wear-resistant.

Like the previous product, this griddle also provides even cooking temperatures on the whole surface, preventing hot-spots that might ruin your food. The coating is entirely non-stick and made of titanium, which ensures a long lifespan, healthy cooking, and easy cleaning. The metal is also completely safe and doesn’t react with food at any temperature. It is excellent for various cooking styles, from browning sausages to cooking minced garlic in olive oil.

The handles are riveted, stable, and made of durable stainless steel. The great thing is that they remain entirely cold while cooking. The griddle is also drip-free and constructed to last. Besides that, the company provides a lifetime warranty, so you can relax and use it with no fear that something will become damaged or break.

The only downside that we noticed about this product is that the non-stick ability won’t last forever. After some time, some of the food might start to stick to the pan, although that doesn’t always have to be the case. Aside from that, we can say that this is a perfect griddle for the price, and you should definitely check it out. Despite the potential problem with its non-stick surface, it still provides excellent quality in every other way.


  • Hard anodized exterior
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Non-stick ability won’t last forever

3. T-Fal A92114 Double Burner Griddle

This is a very cheap, yet high-quality, griddle that everybody who loves to cook should have. It is already a mandatory part of the equipment in many kitchens around the world due to the ratio of price and quality that it provides.


The first thing to notice is that this griddle is made of heavy aluminum that provides excellent heat conduction. At first glance, you can notice that this griddle is very solid and made to last. Rather than making some sophisticated and eye-pleasing design, the company focused on making cookware that will serve you for years to come.

It has a long-lasting, non-stick surface which will prevent absolutely any food from sticking at any temperature, while also providing a quick and easy cleanup. The exterior of the griddle is ceramic and stain-resistant. The handles are ergonomic and will stay cool while cooking at any temperature and while cooking for a long time. Besides that, it is completely safe for the dishwasher and the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another great thing about this griddle is its size. It has an 18" x 11" surface, which is enough to cover two burners and produce an even temperature. Besides that, the company offers a lifetime warranty. However, there is a small downside when it comes to this griddle. The problem is that it has poor anti-scratch ability, so you might notice some very small scratches after the first pancake that you make.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind scratches, you should definitely check out this product. Although scratches might ruin the design, they won’t affect the food quality. After all, this griddle doesn’t even have that nice of a design, since its main purpose is to deliver quality cooked food with ease.


  • Very affordable (value for money)
  • Ideal item for every kitchen
  • An excellent non-stick coating
  • Completely safe for dishwasher and oven


  • Poor design
  • Might scratch easily

4. Vremi 20-inch Iron Griddle

Next, we have an excellent two-sided griddle grill with a large flat surface that is ideal for both cooking and grilling. It is portable, and, aside from using it inside, you can also use it outside to make some great barbecue with your friends.


As already mentioned, this griddle is portable and has sturdy built-in handles so that you can securely transport it from stovetop to oven, and you can even use it on a small outdoor campfire. It is versatile and two-sided, with a smooth side for pancakes and a ridged side which acts as a classic grill. It’s great for steaks, sausages, or any other kind of barbecue.

An interesting thing about this griddle is that its grill side is already pre-seasoned. What this means is that you can enjoy seared meats and vegetables right away. The surface cooks slowly and evenly to provide the best food quality. You should also note that both sides of this griddle have grease slopes that trap fat. They are naturally non-stick and automatically drain fat to provide a healthy and delicious meal.

The only bad thing that we noticed about this product is that it’s a bit difficult to clean. Although it has a non-stick coating, some food might still stick, making it more difficult to clean. Also, make sure that you leave it to cool completely before cleaning. On the other hand, with its price and quality in mind, we definitely recommend you check it out.


  • Portable, ideal for outside use
  • Pre-seasoned
  • Automatically dries fat and juices
  • Easy to use


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Some food can stick

5. Coghlan’s Two Burner Camp Griddle

Unlike the previous products that we reviewed, this griddle is made especially for camping and other outdoor use. It is made by Coghlan, which is a famous Canadian company that creates camping goods and accessories.


With a size that covers more than two burners, this griddle is ideal for making breakfast or dinner outside. It has plenty of room to feed the whole family and is a must-have item for any family trip. Not only is it light and easy to use, but it also provides great food quality and easy cooking.

It has a non-stick surface that cleans instantly, no matter what you cooked, for how long, or how big of a mess you made. Also, you don’t have to limit it to a campsite or RV, since it is completely dishwasher-safe. Another thing to note is that it is amazingly cheap. If you are someone who loves camping and eating outside, this griddle is a must-have part of your equipment.

However, you should know that it doesn’t provide a completely even temperature. In the space between the two burners, you might notice a cold spot that might be a problem for some food. For example, if you are making pancakes, you should only use the left and the right sides and leave the middle empty.

On the other hand, this griddle provides the easiest possible solution for cooking over a fire. If you love camping or frequently travel with an RV, you should definitely consider buying this griddle to add to your adventure kit for the outdoors.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Non-stick surface
  • Portable (camping, cookouts, etc)
  • The best solution for cooking over fire
  • Plenty of room to feed the whole family


  • Cold spots in the middle


In the end, we will select which griddle is the best of all that we reviewed. Note that all of them are excellent. However, when it comes to the ratio of price and quality the item provides, our definite winner is the All-Clad 3020. Compared to the other griddles, it has a lovely yet minimalist design. This means that it can easily fit any kitchen style, which is essential for people who want to maintain a beautiful and cozy cooking space.

Besides that, it is huge, which makes it great for parties and family occasions. It’s built of high-quality materials and is made to last for a long time. Among many similar griddles that are only built to look strong and reliable, this one actually is.

However, if you find it a bit expensive, there is an excellent alternative for people who want to buy a griddle on a budget. The Cuisinart 655-35 Double Burner Griddle is a perfect choice. It has a triple layer PFOA non-stick coating and also provides excellent durability. It’s designed for comfort, balance, and control, and it makes cooking relatively simple. Also, it is made of heavy-gauge anodized aluminum that provides an even temperature distribution and is metal utensil friendly.