Best Griddle of 2018

Best Griddle of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Griddles are one of the most fun ways to cook in the kitchen, and many people still haven’t invested in one of their own. These large-surface-area pans are great ways to cook a lot of food quickly, making them ideal for big family brunches or a crowded, indoor BBQ.No matter how you intend to use your griddle, there are a number of commonalities between griddles that have helped us to select the best griddle of 2018. With help from our buyer’s guide and our full comparison review, you will be able to pick out your new griddle in no time.

Top 5 Griddles Comparison Chart

Lodge LPGI3 Pro-Grid Cast Iron Reversible 20″ x 10″


George Foreman GR0040B 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill


Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware


Vremi 20 inch Large Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove Top


T-fal B36313 Specialty Nonstick Grilled Cheese Griddle Cookware


Best Griddle Reviews

1. Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge is one of the best-known makers of griddles, and this reversible kitchenware belongs to their line of products with a top-of-the-line design.

Product Highlights

This pre-seasoned cast iron pan is a dual-sided pan which can be used with either a smooth, frying surface or a ridged grill surface. Both sides are easy to use, and the pan will stand up to decades of use with proper care due to the high-quality construction.

What’s to like about the Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

This cast iron pan is super solid, and because the iron is high-quality and the pan is made well, the heat distribution is excellent. It is also unlikely that you will ever have to deal with a hot spot when cooking with this pan.Additionally, the pan has a large surface area, which means it’s big enough to cook eight, even nine chicken breasts at one time, so you can really cook for a large party without feeling any inconvenience.

What’s not to like about the Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

his pan is very heavy! That’s to be expected with cast iron pans, but it could do some damage. If you were to drop this pan on a glass-top stove or someone’s foot, something could break.With the nature of cast iron pans, you will want to have the right cleaning equipment and dark towels. Seasoned cast iron pans tend to leave a dark residue behind when you clean up, so you don’t want to ruin light colored towels with it.


  • Heats evenly
  • Durable
  • Very large surface area
  • Any kitchen utensils can be used


  • Still needs to be seasoned
  • Smokes a lot
  • Heavy


2. George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

George Foreman grills are known for their small sizes and quick cooking capabilities, and this two-serving grill fits those descriptions perfectly.

Product Highlights

This small product is made to be a two-serving grill with its 36 square inches of cooking space. Though it is tiny, this grill has a lot of useful features. There is an indicator light which ensures you know when the food is ready, and the handle stays cool throughout the whole process.

What’s to like about the George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

This model from George Foreman takes up a very small amount of space. Measuring in with a grill area of less than 36 square inches, you won’t be struggling to find a good place to store this even if you have a small kitchen.The indicator light is perfect when cooking burgers since it goes out when the grill is hot enough to use, then you can put your burger on. When the light comes back on, the burger is complete! This light really works and assist in the cooking process.

What’s not to like about the George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill

While this grill is advertised as a two-serving grill, it would be very hard to fit more than one burger on it at a time, so it is really better for single meal preparations. Still, that can be useful for some.Cleaning up this little grill can be frustrating even if it has a drip tray. Figuring out what can and cannot be put in the dishwasher might make you wish you had a griddle pan instead of this electric griddle.


  • Very compact
  • Easy to store
  • Useful indicator light
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable


  • Hot spots
  • Not temperature controlled
  • Small cooking area


3. Calphalon Aluminum Nonstick Square Griddle

Calphalon has a long history of creating quality cookware, and this square griddle fits into that family perfectly. Let’s find out why.

Product Highlights

This product is a nonstick square griddle which can be used to cook virtually anything without sticking. The three layers of coating allow nonstick cooking as well as provide even heating properties that ensure your food cooks without burning or sticking. The low lip makes it easy to flip food without any spillages.

What’s to like about the Calphalon Aluminum Nonstick Square Griddle

When this pan says it is nonstick, it means it! No matter what you cook or burn on this pan, it is easy to remove and easy to clean. Cooking healthier is possible because you don’t have to use oil or butter to prevent sticking and can instead focus on just the food.Additionally, the pan heats evenly; in fact, even though the corners are a bit far from the heat source, the pan manages to distribute heat relatively well.

What’s not to like about the Calphalon Aluminum Nonstick Square Griddle

If you heat this pan too much or too quickly, you may notice some minor warping in the pan. Additionally, the handles can get hot if you are cooking for a prolonged period of time which can be dangerous.Recent changes in this product have made it lighter and less durable. Still, with careful use, this pan can last through a few good years of regular use without major warping.


  • Extremely nonstick
  • Calphalon name
  • Heats evenly
  • Easy to clean up


  • Warps when heated too much
  • Handle gets hot
  • Nonstick coating wears out with time


4. Vremi 20-inch Cast Iron Griddle

This two-sided grill from the less well-known brand Vremi is a reasonably priced competitor in the griddle world.

Product Highlights

This cast iron pan has two sides to double its usage in the kitchen, and both sides are incredibly functional. The pan itself is constructed from thick cast iron which can be seasoned to last for decades. There is a grease catching slot around the edge of both sides of the pan to prevent excessive messes when cooking.

What’s to like about the Vremi 20-inch Cast Iron Griddle

This pan heats up quickly and easily because of the high-quality cast iron. Even on a low setting, the heat distributes evenly and can be used to create perfect meals.The dual-sided design of this pan is a huge selling point. You can cook food items that need to be fried on a flat surface on one side while grilling on the other. Many griddles do not offer this feature, and this pan stands out among the ones that do for its higher quality.

What’s not to like about the Vremi 20-inch Cast Iron Griddle

While this pan comes pre-seasoned, you will have to do additional seasoning if you want a nonstick surface or a pan that will last for many years. Seasoning cast iron is time-consuming but well worth it in the end.The usable griddle area on this pan is only 15″ x 8″ due to the grease catcher. While the grease catcher is useful, it cuts back on how much space you have to cook.


  • Heats up evenly
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable cast iron
  • Good construction


  • Small cooking surface area
  • Needs to be reseasoned
  • Not nonstick


5. T-fal Nonstick Griddle

T-fal offers cooking pans with unique qualities while keeping prices reasonable so that everyone can be a great at-home chef.

Product Highlights

This pan is has a square shape and 10.25” size. While it doesn’t offer the largest cooking surface, it offers a nonstick pan that is easy to use and clean. The stay-cool handles make the pan safe to work with for everyone, and the pan itself weighs in at under one pound, so it is very lightweight.

What’s to like about the T-fal Nonstick Griddle

This pan is very easy to clean up because of the nonstick coating design wherein you can practically wipe food off from its surface. Nonetheless, it can also be put in the dishwasher if you don’t have time to do that. The simplicity of washing it makes this pan a no-brainer.The nonstick coating on this pan works well too. Most food items will not stick, and you will find that cleanup gets easier because of this.

What’s not to like about the T-fal Nonstick Griddle

The nonstick coating on this pan is very easy to damage. If you use metal utensils, you will scrape the coating, and your food will start to stick. Hence, this pan should only be used with silicone or other soft utensils.


  • Easy to clean
  • Very lightweight
  • Great nonstick coating


  • Coating easily wears out
  • Not very durable
  • May warp over time
  • Uneven heating



When it comes to griddles, there’s a lot of confusion and variety out there. From the word “griddle” being used to mean very different pans to the variety of materials that are available, there is a lot that you need to learn before you can make your final choice.

Types of Griddles

There are a few different types of griddles that you will come across during your search for the perfect griddle. The key thing to remember is that a griddle is simply a pan, and there are a few different types that fit the same name.

  • Electric Griddle: Electric griddles can come with either a smooth frying surface or a grill top. The key is that these type of griddles are plugged into a power source, and that is how they heat up.
  • Stovetop griddles: These griddles are placed directly on top of a heat source (stovetop, campfire, travel stove, etc.). They can have different top finishes, but they must be put on top of a heat source to work.
  • Reversible griddle: This type of griddle has a smooth frying surface on one side and a ridged, grilling surface on the other side. The pan can be turned over so that you can have the benefit of both types of finish without having to buy both pans. There are both electric and stovetop reversible griddles.
  • Griddle pan: While it can be confusing, a griddle pan typically refers to a standard sized pan which has a grill top inside of it. These pans are often used to make a small batch of steaks or similar items indoors.
  • Commercial griddles: Large, countertop griddles that are found in restaurants can be known as commercial griddles. These very large griddles can be found in diners and restaurants across the world, and they are typically heated with gas.

Plate Material

Like all types of pans, griddles can be made out of a wide variety of materials. From cast iron to aluminum and steel, there are griddles made of everything that cookware has been crafted with.Every type of material has its pros and cons, so the type of material that will work best for you is largely dependent on your personal needs. These are some of the most popular types of materials that griddles are made of:

  • Cast-iron pans are known to be the most durable and reliable, but they must be seasoned regularly to work well. This can take time, but it also makes the pan easier to work with and easier to clean.
  • Stainless tends to be difficult to clean, but many stainless steel griddles are affordable and coated with a short-term nonstick coating. This type of pan should not be expected to last for many years,
  • Aluminum and copper pans are more often than not coated with various types of nonstick coatings. These coatings (such as Teflon Plus) ensure that your food will not stick. The coatings will, however, wear out over time so you cannot expect them to last as long as a cast iron. Still, they require significantly less work to maintain and clean.

Plate Thickness

Every griddle will have a specific thickness. This thickness will affect how the heat is distributed throughout the pan, how quickly it heats up, and whether or not hotspots will develop. Additionally, thicker plates will not have as rapid of temperature changes. If you plan to cook large batches of food, you want a thicker plate thickness.Generally speaking, these are the plate thickness requirements that you should look to:

  • Standard, at-home cooking duty: 1/2″ thick griddle plate
  • Medium, big-batch cooking duty: 3/4″ thick griddle plate
  • Heavy, restaurant-volume cooking duty: 1″ thick plate

Griddle Size

Another important factor to consider is how big you want your griddle to be. Griddles can be as small as a frying pan or as big as an entire grill surface. The size is completely up to you.The most common at-home griddle size is about 20 inches by 10 inches. This size of pan fits over two burners on a home stovetop, and it gives enough space to make a large breakfast for a large family.Some grill and cooking fanatics may want to move up to a 36” griddle that can help them to prepare enough food for an army while feeling like they’re running their own restaurant, but most people will be satisfied with a standard 20” x 10” griddle.If you are working with a small space, there are even electric griddles that are less than 8” x 8”. Whatever size you need, you can find a griddle that suits it.


While weight is not the most important factor when choosing a griddle, it is still important to take it into consideration. The weight of a pan affects how easy it is to use, store, and maneuver when you are working. Additionally, heavier pans tend to work with heat better, as heavier materials tend to fluctuate less rapidly.That being said, a heavy pan probably isn’t what you’re looking for if you plan to take your pan on camping trips ten miles out in the wilderness!Weights on pans can range from under a pound to over five pounds, so be sure to take a close look at this number before you make your final selection to be sure that you are ready to carry the weight of your decision.

Griddle F.A.Q.

What is a griddle?

A griddle is a flat pan that is usually larger than a typical pan. Its flat design is made to heat up evenly and cover a large cooking area. Typically made of iron or another strong metal, these broad pans are similar to frying pans in their construction and use. They are also typically heavy bottomed to allow for convenient and even heating.

What can you cook on a griddle?

The limit of what you can cook on a griddle is limited only by your mind! From breakfast food to full-course dinners, there are hundreds of food items that you can prepare with a griddle.Some of the most popular food to prepare on the griddle include:

Beyond these food items, there are more things that you can learn to prepare on your griddle.

How to clean a griddle?

Cleaning a griddle might seem like a difficult process, but it’s actually not that bad! The main consideration you need to make when cleaning your griddle is not the fact that it is a griddle. Instead, you need to pay attention to what material is it made of. Also, every material has a different set of cleaning instructions, and your griddle should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.This list is not comprehensive, but it should give you a basic idea of how to clean some of the most common types of materials used to make griddles:

Cast iron: allow the pan to cool fully before cleaning; use a sponge and strong dish soapTeflon-coated aluminum: simply rinse and wipe the pan, as aluminumCopper: simply rinse and wipe the pan cleanCarbon steel: wash the pan by hand using soap and water

Every pan will have its specific requirements, so learn how to clean it effectively to help it last for a long time.

How to Use a Griddle

Using a griddle isn’t hard at all! All you have to do is set it up, warm it up, and get cooking! Still, having a set of step-by-step instructions to follow can help make the process of using your new cookware less daunting, so let’s break down how to use a griddle.

  1. Set it up: Plug in your electric griddle or place your stovetop griddle over two burners. These burners should be close together and set to emit a similar amount of heat to ensure even heating.
  2. Warm it up: Turn it up to a low temperature and gradually heat up the griddle. Heating it up too quickly can cause cracking or other problems with the pan, so you want to be sure to heat it up slowly, so you don’t cause issues or overheat the pan. You will know the pan is ready when water “dances” when dropped on the hot pan.
  3. Get cooking: Once warm, you can cook! All you have to do is oil the pan and start cooking. Think of the griddle as a cousin to the frying pan when you first start using it. With time, you will be able to refine your griddle technique and use it more effectively.

How to Cook Steak on Griddle

There’s one food that many home chefs want to learn how to prepare on the griddle: the magnificent steak. Yes, it is possible, and no, it’s not hard!There are a number of different ways you can prepare a steak on a griddle pan, but the basic technique is very similar. This video illustrates cooking steak on a variant of the griddle pan. This pan has grill-type ridges, and is the preferred way of cooking steaks indoors:

However, you don’t have to have a griddle pan to cook a steak. You can also use a smooth griddle to do so! If you have a smooth griddle, this video will help you learn how to cook the steak properly:

No matter which type of griddle you prefer to use to cook a steak, you can do it! Just focus on getting the right temperature as this is essential to having the full sear and cook that most people associate with a restaurant-quality piece of steak.


When you want the best of the best among griddles, you can’t look away from a reversible, cast-iron grill that is as reliable as the Lodge LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle. Lodge has a reputation for making the best griddles, and they live up to it with this pan.If you prefer something that is more compact and simpler to use, the George Foreman 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill is a smart choice. It’s super small and super quick to use. If you want simplicity, go with the George Foreman.