Best Griddle for Gas Grills of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Griddle for Gas Grills of 2018
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There’s just something special about using a griddle at home to prepare a big meal. It helps you feel like the expert chef that you are in your heart, but only the best griddle for gas grill can really make that dream come true.

So, how do you know what the top griddles are? Finding the perfect fit for your needs and your gas grill can be difficult, but with these reviews, it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve gathered together complete info about the top five griddles so that you can make your selection easier.

Top 5 Gas Grill Griddles Comparison Chart

Victoria 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Round Griddle Pan

Bruntmor, Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan, 20-inch x 10-inch

Farberware High Performance Nonstick Aluminum 11-Inch Square Griddle

Ecolution Evolve Griddle Nonstick 11 Inch

Hawkins/Futura Q41 Nonstick Tava/Griddle, 13-inch

Best Griddle for Gas Grill Reviews

1. Victoria Cast Iron Comal Griddle

This handmade cast iron griddle from Columbia has heritage and quality on its side.


With high-quality, handmade craftsmanship, you can expect great things and a lifetime of use from this pan. While this pan does come partially seasoned, it will be more effective as a piece of long-term cookware if you take the time to sand and season it yourself.

The pan is not originally as smooth as it could be, but some basic work can ensure that you have the best cooking experience with it.

Despite the need to season the pan yourself, this pan has a perfect, low edge on it. This edge makes it super easy to flip and scoop things like tortillas and crepes without getting stuck on an edge that is too high or inconvenient to work around. Since it’s so easy to use, it’s worth the time and money investment!


  • Handmade
  • Quality cast iron
  • Low-edge design
  • Durable


  • Needs to be reseasoned
  • Cannot be heated too quickly

2. Bruntmor Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan

This large, reversible pan offers the best of both worlds when it comes to grilling out. Let's find out what it can truly offer its user.


The large size of this Bruntmor pan makes it super convenient to use, even when you have your entire grill surface to work with. The pan is 20 by 10 inches, which gives you a lot of surface area to work with no matter which side of the pan you are using.

The reversible design of this pan is its main advantage because whether you are hoping to do more controlled grilling with the pan or you want to have a smooth frying surface to work with on your grill, you’ll find that this pan is easy to reverse and use on either side.

One big problem with this pan is that the cast iron claims to be pre-seasoned, but it’s really not seasoned as well as it could be. Still, this is a very common problem with cast iron. If you want to use cast iron for a long time, then you will need to put in the effort to season and maintain it.

This pan is also very heavy. The weight of it can make it a danger to use if you aren’t very strong, but the weight is also a plus for gas grilling. The heavy bottom will help prevent the pan from being too easily affected by rogue flames while you are grilling, and that can prevent food from burning.


  • Heavy bottom prevents burning
  • Large cooking area
  • Reversible design
  • Oven safe up to 500F


  • Heavy
  • Needs reseasoning
  • Handles get hot

3. Farberware Nonstick 11-Inch Square Griddle

Farberware is amongst the best companies that make great cookware, and this square griddle is no exception to that. Let's find out why.


The Farberware Nonstick 11-inch Square Griddle does a great job of spanning the line of “big cooking area” and “compact size” quite well. While it won’t be the smallest pan in your cupboard, it won’t take up so much room that it becomes inconvenient even to own. This line is hard to balance, but the square griddle does it quite well.

Another appealing quality of this pan is the Teflon Plus nonstick coating. This coating does a fantastic job of preventing food from sticking, and it even helps to make the pan impervious to damage caused by utensils.

Even though the coating does a great job, it can wear out over time. With just a few months of regular use, you may notice that your pan gets some sticky spots where food is always burning or sticking. This is common with coated aluminum pans, and unfortunately, the only way to avoid it is to wash your pan more carefully and use it less.

The center of this pan is domed, and this can lead to some minor hot spots. Still, the construction of the pan and the nonstick qualities make it possible to cook without oil, so you can cook healthier while using this Farberware griddle.


  • Nothing sticks to it
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Contemporary design


  • Teflon wears out over time
  • Dome can cause hot spots
  • Lacking in durability

4. Ecolution Evolve 11-inch Nonstick Griddle

This crimson sunset red nonstick griddle relies on a water-based nonstick coating that is surprisingly effective.


Ecolution wanted to make a nonstick griddle that didn’t rely on the chemical-heavy materials like Teflon. Instead, they used the water-based Hydrolon to encourage food to release from the pan easily, and those nonstick properties are very effective. Not only is this pan easy to cook with, but it is also easy to clean.

Most griddles that you find will not be dishwasher safe due to the material they are made out of or the nonstick coatings that are used on the pan, but this pan is a big exception to that general rule! You can put this product into the dishwasher regularly without worrying about it being damaged.

However, due to how fragile the nonstick coating on this pan is, it cannot be used with anything but soft, silicone-style utensils. Metal utensils will cause abrasions that will ultimately prevent the nonstick coating from being effective.


  • Can be used with inductive ovens
  • Silicone grip that is easy to grasp
  • Nontoxic, nonstick coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fun design


  • Cannot be used with metal utensils
  • Lacking long-term durability
  • Handle can get hot easily

5. Hawkins Nonstick Flat Dosa Griddle

This dosa-style pan is specifically designed with no sides to be able to make dosa.


While this pan’s design was created for making specific food like dosa, it can be used just as effectively to make and flip other food items like cutlets because of the no-side design. While this design definitely takes some getting used to, it’s a unique product that will serve a specific function in your kitchen.

Additionally, the handle is incredibly durable and offers a unique grip to allow for flipping. If you want to make tortillas, crepes, omelets or another food that would benefit from you being able to flip it quickly, this tool will help you immensely.

One big drawback of this pan is that it has a convex bottom. While this won’t be a problem for most gas grills, it is possible that this bottom could make it inconvenient to use depending on your goals. Additionally, you won’t be able to double up on your usage and use this pan on your stove top if it is a glass-top oven.

Also, the nonstick coating on this pan is not very durable and will wear out over time, so the ability to cook things without oil will only last for as long as the coating does.


  • Can be used without oil
  • No-edge design
  • Unique handle design
  • Can flip things easily


  • Convex bottom
  • Lacking long-term durability
  • Nonstick coating might wear out in time


The best griddle for gas grill lovers on this list is, without a doubt, the Victoria Cast Iron Comal Griddle. This super durable pan is handmade with high-quality materials that can stand up to the grill time and time again. While you will need to season it, any good grill equipment will need some regular care.

If you prefer something that offers more versatility while still having the quality and even-heating strength of cast iron, the Bruntmor Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Pan is a great alternative. This pan will also need seasoning, but it offers two different cooktop options that can add to your workspace on the grill or even let you take your grilling inside if the weather is bad.

No matter which griddle you choose, you can be sure that you will find a great experience when exploring the world of griddles with options from today’s top five list!