Best Mid-Range Pellet Smokers to Purchase in 2021

Best Pellet Smokers Under $500 -
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Having a pellet smoker can be a real investment. Who doesn’t love the original smokey infusion of a charcoal grill? However, it’s difficult not to change direction because electric grills have so many new features and accessories that make life easier.

Luckily, there are affordable pellet smokers that will help you achieve the delicious flavors you are looking for. Let’s find out more about the best pellet smokers under $500 on the market.

Comparison Chart

Z Grills ZPG-6002B Grill & Smoker

PIT BOSS PB440D2 Wood Pellet Grill

Masterbuilt MB20250118 Pellet Smoker

Best Pellet Smokers Under $500 Reviews

Z Grills ZPG-6002B Grill & Smoker

The ultimate 8-in-1 cooking appliance from Z Grills is hard to disregard when it comes to the best pellet smokers of this year. It provides maximum flexibility and you can braise, roast, smoke, grill, bake, and barbeque all of your favorite dishes with only one unit.


The ZPG-6002B comes with a plethora of features. If you love that perfect sear on your steak, this grill is able to reach 1000 degrees F. With pellet grill technology, the flavor does not miss either, and you can enjoy up to 20 hours of cooking for every 20 lbs of pellets. This makes this unit considerably more economical when compared to carbon or gas grills.

The grill is also easy to use. All you need to do is push one button due to the auto-start ignition. Then, there is an easy-to-read LED display that will help you navigate your desired temperature.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, there is nothing easier than the ZPH-6002B. This is because of the specially designed waste oil collector that catches all the extra juices and fats.

If you are often used to tending to your BBQ while family and friends have a chat, this model will be a real life-changer. It features an automated electric feed system, which means that once you set up the temperature from 180F to 450F, all you need to do is relax. The system will automatically feed more pellets when required, ensuring that the temperature is always within 10 degrees of the temperature you set initially.


  • 8-in-1 cooking appliance that can roast, grill, smoke, bake, and more
  • Perfect flavor due to the pellet grill technology
  • Easy to use due to the ignition system and the automated electric feed system
  • Quick cleanup due to the waste oil collector


  • Might be too bulky for someone who only needs a smoker

PIT BOSS Wood Pellet Grill

This model is a more compact grill with an in-built smoker function. Although it features additional storage space and tray, these can be quickly removed if you need a portable unit.


With a temperature range between 180F and 500F, this grill packs in impressive features. Firstly, it has a digital control with an LED screen which enhances ease of use. The flame broiler allows you to use both direct and indirect heating for cooking or warming up food. Surprisingly, this grill also comes with a stainless-steel bottle opener!

Up to 40,000 BTUs are offered by the hardwood pellets to cook your dishes to perfection. There is a 200-watt auto igniter, which saves time, and a 465 square-inch cooking area.

The Pit Boss 440D2 is constructed from durable, heavy-duty steel and has two metal wheels that make it easy to transport. With a beautiful mahogany finish, the grill offers everything you could ever expect from a great quality product. It has a side shelf and a tray that are removable, a solid bottom shelf, and even a stainless steel thermometer.


  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel for enhanced durability
  • Digital control with an LED read-out for ease of use
  • Removable side shelf and tray, sturdy bottom shelf
  • Two large wheels for extra portability to move it where you want it


  • The cooking area is quite limited

Masterbuilt Pellet Smoker

Finally, the Masterbuilt pellet smoker comes with four chrome-coated smoking racks. It also includes a meat probe that will help you achieve consistent results each time you cook.


The Masterbuilt MB20250118 is a great quality pellet smoker that can perform for hours without having to reload it since it holds up to 12 pounds of pellets. It comes with all the bells and whistles of pricier models, such as digital panel controls for turning it on and off, temperature control, preset smoke, and even cook cycle. This makes cooking easy, fun, and you enjoy full control over the entire process.

Furthermore, the auger moves the wood pellets from the hopper, ensuring even and consistent cooking. The temperature range is between 180F and 350F. The unit is sturdy, well-built, and its design enhances safety during use. It can be placed in your patio or yard, but the unit’s portability is relatively limited.

The cooking racks are removable so that you can clean them with ease. Furthermore, you can smoke and grill a wide range of dishes, including pork, chicken, steaks, and more due to the product’s versatile temperature range. The beautiful glossy finish will surely complement the look of your backyard.

Overall, the Masterbuilt MB20250118 pellet smoker is not as versatile as the models above, but it is perfect if you want a small unit just for smoking. With four smoking racks, there is plenty of space to cook for the entire family. It is a great choice for any space-conscious individuals, and the price tag is undoubtedly worth your attention.


  • Includes 4 smoking racks which are coated with chrome for quality
  • Comes with a meat probe to ensure consistent cooking each time
  • Large capacity of more than 12 lbs of wood pellets
  • Digital controls, preset smoke, cook cycles, and more


  • Not as many features as other models in the same price range


All in all, choosing a pellet smoker can be a difficult decision. If you are unsure what exactly to purchase, we recommend shortlisting the Z-Grills ZPG-6002B. It is an 8-in-1 unit that will surely satisfy any cooking needs. It is easy to use, packed with fun features, and it is incredibly versatile. And as a bonus, it costs less than $500!