Best Outdoor Gas Griddle

Best Outdoor Gas Griddle: Our Top Picks

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Nothing can ruin a camping trip or a picnic more than having nothing to eat besides dry rations. Just because you’re miles away from home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a hot delicious meal. Neither does it mean that you have to singe your hair and fingertips cooking over an open fire. That’s where portable griddles come to save the day.

This range of gas-powered cookware is out to ensure that you have healthy and delicious meals even when you’re hundreds of miles away from home. Here are some of the best outdoor gas griddles.

Comparison Chart

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill


Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle


Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Griddle


Blackstone Table Top Grill


Best Outdoor Gas Griddle Reviews

Blackstone 28-inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas

Large Cooking Surface

The 470-square inch cooking surface lets you cook enough breakfast, lunch, and dinner to feed an army. It is perfect for large families, parties, barbecue, or picnics. Now you can add teppanyaki-style foods to your Sunday barbecue and achieve the same results as your favorite restaurant.

Separate Cooking Zones

Four different cooking zones allow you to have a variety of foods going at the same time, minus the risk of burning or overcooking. It also means you can keep foods warm as you finish up cooking.

Fire up the sections of the griddle to meet your cooking needs. Two H-shaped stainless burners serve two different cooking zones of the griddle. It is powered by a 20-pound propane tank that tucks neatly under the griddle.


This griddle rides on four solid, industrial grade caster wheels that glide on surfaces. Two locking caster wheels secure it in place when you’re about to get started. It will remain rooted in place until you unlock the wheels. Removable griddle top and foldable legs make the griddle a perfect travel companion.

Handy Cooking Solution

Gas-powered, this griddle makes for hassle-free outdoors cooking. No need to get messy with charcoal or kerosene to get a barbecue going. Lighting the skillet is reduced to a push of a button. A flick of a switch and the battery-powered ignition gets the cooking surface hot and sizzling. Self-ignition minimizes the amount of stuff you have to ferry around when going camping.

Built to Last

The black griddle boasts a powder-coated steel frame, a thick cold rolled cooking plate, and stainless steel burners. That not only makes for a sturdy and stable cooking surface but also gives the griddle an extremely long lifespan. This griddle will let you create many beautiful memories with your family and kids. Better yet, you can pass it down for generations.

Easy to Setup

It takes 15-20 minutes to set up the griddle and it ships with a handy user manual to guide you through the process. You don’t need any special skills or tools to set it up. That means you can take it camping the minute it lands on your doorstep. Just be sure to season the cooking surface first as recommended and you’re ready to whip up delicious burger and steaks.

No Mess Clean Up

You don’t need to trouble yourself cleaning this griddle. Just scrape up the cooking surface and you’re good to go. The grease from your cooking activities helps to further season the cooking plate giving it a natural non-stick coating that is enhanced with every cooking session.


  • Generous cooking surface
  • 4 Separate heating zones
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Self-igniting
  • Easy to clean


  • The manufacturer has poor customer service


Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Large Cooking Plate

The camp chef griddle is crafted with one specific solution in mind – feed a horde of hungry people – fast. It boasts a 600-square inch cooking surface that lets you feed up to 100 hungry people every hour. You can keep the people attending your party well-fed without breaking a sweat. It means that you won’t spend the entire day cooked-up behind the griddle. You get to mingle and interact with your guests and not slave away cooking.

Superb Cooking Surface

The griddle is powered by four stainless burners rated for 12,000 BTU to give users an exceptional heating surface. The grill boasts a heat dispensing design to ensure that food cooks evenly. Four well-labeled knobs give you total control over the griddle’s cooking surface. You can set the temperature as you wish to suit your cooking needs and the kind of foods you have going. Each of the knobs control a specific area of the griddle for extra convenience.

2-in-1 Solution

An interchangeable head lets the griddle convert into a grill when you need to grill a few steaks and give them the signature looking of grilled meat. The grill is housed below the griddle. Remove the skillet to reveal the equally expansive grill below and enjoy a sumptuous meal of your favorite grilled foods, including chicken, hamburgers, hashbrowns, and more. The versatile grill lets you cook all three main meals in a day from the same place.

No Mess Cooking Solution

Unlike traditional grills, this griddle and grill combo comes with matchless ignition. It means you won’t dirty your hands dealing with charcoal or worry about a box of matches getting wet or lost. A flick of a switch is all it takes to get your cooking session off to a great start. A grease management system keeps the excess grease and oils from creating a mess. It includes a catch bucket, a grease tray, and micro griddle adjusting levels to help drain excess oils.


Despite its impressive size and cooking surface, this Camp Chef griddle is highly mobile. It rides on two caster wheels for easy wheeling to the desired location. You’ll never throw your back out or injure yourself moving the griddle to where you need it. You only need to lift the side with the stands and roll the griddle into the house after an outdoor barbecue session.

Spacious Working Space

Two foldable shelves on the opposite side of the griddle give you all the working space you need to prepare your ingredients. They also provide a cool working surface where you can place your spices and condiments to ensure that every food item off the griddle is bursting with flavor. The steel cooking surface comes with an authentic seasoned finish to let your barbecue get off to a flying start.


  • Over 600-square inches of cooking surface
  • Four independent burners
  • Interchangeable grill and griddle
  • Grease management system
  • 2 caster wheels for portability


  • Is a tad pricey for some people


Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle

Durable, Solid Construction

This gourmet gas griddle is crafted with thick cold rolled steel to give it a solid structure. It will withstand all the rigors that come with the griddling process and serve you for a long time. The Cuisinart griddle is small and compact, making it perfect cookware for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Compact and Convenient

The compact griddle comes with two independent burners to give you excellent control over the 280-square inch cooking surface. The skillet is small enough to fit into a truck or an RV when going out for a picnic, camping, or just about any outdoor activity. The Cuisinart griddle ensures that you never run out of delicious food, even when spending time outdoors. It’s small enough to fire up inside your RV when you run into foul weather, without the risk of a fire breaking out.

Great Cooking Control

The two gas burners on this griddle produce 20,000 BTUs of heat to let you cook just about anything that strikes your fancy. Each of the burners operates independently giving you full control over the griddle. You can have high heat on one side of the griddle while keeping the other side lukewarm. That increases the range of foods you can cook on the grill.

Tabletop Cooking

The compact two-burner gas griddle is small enough to fit on just about any surface at your disposal. It has a built-in hose for a 20-pound LP tank. The small-sized container doesn’t take up too much space in your truck or RV as you head out. The compact size means you can extend your culinary adventure to the patio, or even take it poolside. It also places all food items within reach for easier handling and seasoning.

Matchless Ignition

You need not worry about forgetting the matches or the matchboxes becoming soaked in water during your camping trip. The Cuisinart griddle boasts a twist to start ignition feature to help you get the fire going at any time. It gives you all the benefits of a traditional grill, minus the grime and hassle.


  • Self-igniting
  • Compact design
  • Thick steel construction
  • Excellent heating control
  • 280-square inch cooking plate


  • Knobs tend to strip easily with continued use


Char-Broil 4-Burner Gas Griddle

Solid Steel Design

This entire griddle is forged from cold-rolled steel to give reliable and sturdy construction to ensure that the skillet serves you for a lifetime. It boasts a pair of shelves on either side to provide you with adequate working space. You have enough space to prepare your ingredients or place your cooking accessories. A custom-designed lower shelf enhances the griddle’s stability while housing the propane tank.

Generous Cooking Surface

The griddle features a cooking surface that measures 778 square inches to deliver excellent cooking experience. Now you can have an entire meal to feed the whole family at the same time. It’s a time saver when you’re hard-pressed to feed many people in a short time. Four adjustable screws let you adjust the cooking plate’s level to suit your cooking needs. You can set it level or leave it uneven to achieve desired results.

Customizable Cooking Plate

The griddle is capable of 40,000 BTUs of heat spread across its four burners, each of which operates independently. That gives you excellent control over the grill’s cooking surface. You can turn it up when you need to sear meat and lower the cooking temperature when you need to slow-cook a meal. Independent burner control means that you only turn on the sections of the cooking plate that are in use. That helps to conserve your precious propane gas, especially when you’re deep in the wilderness.

Grease-Free Meals

The unit features a large removable grease cup at the front to drain excess oils from the cooking plate. That lowers the amount of oil in the cooked food, turning each meal into a healthier eating session. Removing excess oils from the cooking surface also reduces the amount of smoke coming from the griddle.

Highly Portable

The griddle rides on two sets of wheels – two locking caster and two large wheels. The wheels make it easy to wheel the skillet around without straining your back. You only need to lift on the one the side with caster wheels and let it roll on the two larger ones. Once they’re in place, snap the locks on the caster wheels and render the unit immobile.


  • 2 Sets of wheels
  • Excellent cooking temperature control
  • Large cooking plate
  • Solid stainless steel design
  • Grease drain


  • Weighs 110 pounds


Blackstone Table Top Grill

A Large Cooking Surface

At 15.25 inches by 17 inches, the Blackstone griddle comes with a cooking plate that measures 260 square inches. The cold-rolled steel plate makes for a versatile and durable cooking surface that heats evenly. Rolled steel has excellent heat retention to let your food cook and brown evenly.

Compact and Portable

At 17 inches, the Blackstone griddle is small and compact enough to take with you everywhere. You can make it your default cooking stove when embarking on a long-distance journey in an RV. Or, you can take it with you on outdoor forays – road trips, camping, or hunting. It also means you can fit it in space-limited RVs or trucks packed with camping gear. It won’t take up precious real estate and compete for space with the rest of your equipment.

Fast Heating

The Blackstone tabletop griddle features an H-shaped stainless steel burner capable of 12,000 BTUs. That heats up the griddle’s cooking plate quickly while ensuring an even heat distribution. A hot even cooking surface lets you whip up a delicious meal quickly while eliminating incidents of over and undercooked foods.

Easy Cleanup

The stainless steel cooking plate makes for a hassle-free cleanup, marking the griddle as low maintenance cookware. Cleaning the Blackstar griddle comes down to wiping the surface with a paper towel. Eliminating the cleaning up chores makes for an enjoyable cooking experience. It also ensures that you have enough time to enjoy the outdoors.

Super Convenient

The Blackstar portable grill is self-igniting, dispensing with the need to reach for or stock up on matches. The gas-powered grill is powered by a 1-pound propane bottle that conveniently attaches to the side and is out of the way. A built-in grease catcher with a removable drawer lets you whip up delicious but healthy meals. It also makes for a no-mess cooking experience since you never have too much oil on the cooking plate.


  • Small compact design
  • Efficient H-shaped stainless-steel burner
  • Large stainless steel cooking surface
  • Uses convenient 1-pound propane bottles
  • Self-igniting


  • The manufacturer has poor customer service


Final Verdict

The 28-inch Blackstone flat top outdoor griddle is undoubtedly the best outdoor gas griddle. It affords you restaurant-style cooking in your backyard or out in the wilderness. It features a large cooking surface to let you cook a large meal quickly. It’s self-igniting, portable, compact, and lightweight, making it the perfect cookware when venturing outdoors.