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Best Outdoor Griddle Recipes

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After several months of getting locked in due to the pandemic, it’s just so comforting to be able to plan again for the next get-togethers with friends and family.

Going on a camping trip or visiting with loved ones will help relieve your cabin fever. But simply having a party in your backyard under the open sky, and being able to breathe fresh air will do wonders for you.

Spending time outside your home to reconnect with friends and family will also give you more reasons to bring out the best outdoor griddle recipes.

A griddle is so versatile that you can cook anything with it. We have curated 15 of what we think are the most sought-after and easy-to-prepare dishes for picnics.

1. American Breakfast

Have an all-day breakfast, because why not? The lists of food you can include in the meal are long but to help you decide, pick the items that your guests will most likely eat.

Another thing to consider is the size of your griddle. You’ll be cooking various food at once so maybe you need to choose between some food items, such as bacon or sausage

2. Buffalo Wings 

If you think buffalo wings can only be done by deep frying them, you’ve got another thing coming. Chicken wings are delicious, and it’s fun to choose what glaze and sauces to pair them with.

Prepare child-friendly and hot sauces so there’s something for everyone. Eating buffalo wings can get messy as well but that’s part of the fun.

3. Corn on the Cob or Popcorn

Including corn in your outdoor menu is a good idea because corn is healthy and easy to prepare. You can definitely use your griddle to cook the corn.

Depending on your recipe, you can leave the husk on or let it go. Also, you can do popcorn with your griddle and either tin foil or pan cover.   

4. Fried Rice

Who says you can only cook fried rice with a wok? Your griddle can do the work whatever your available ingredients may be. Fried rice is so flexible. You can even use your leftover food when doing fried rice to avoid waste. 

5. Griddled Fruit

What’s the fruit in season? If you have an abundance of fruits, bring them to the outdoor cook. Apricots, peaches, figs, bananas, and plums are some of the best fruits to griddle.

However, you can try whatever fruit is available that you think works for you and the gang. Nothing beats eating fresh fruit as it is of course, but caramelized fruit is something else. 

6. Kabob

If you’re wondering if you can cook kabobs on your griddle, yes you can. Kabobs have a festive look because of the color combination of meat and vegetables like zucchini, onion, and pepper pieced together on a stick.

They can definitely set the mood for camping. What’s more, they’re basically easy to prepare and serve.

7. Omelette

Be sure you have eggs at the ready because an omelet is a life-saver, especially if you have a lot of hungry mouths to feed and so little time to cook.

You can do basic omelets but you can also be very inventive and generous because omelets are more than just an emergency dish.  

8. Pancakes

Who doesn’t want pancakes? They may be common but they’re versatile and easy to prepare. When you’re outdoors, you don’t want to be doing too complicated stuff, although you can always elevate your pancakes and make them as playful as possible for the children and kids at heart to enjoy. Have you tried smores pancakes yet? You should!

9. Pizza

Bring this favorite food to camp because yes, you can make pizza with mozzarella on a griddle and using a pan cover. You can even have a little fun activity with the kids who can help with the toppings. You’ll know that the pizza is ready when the cheese has melted and the crust has a nice brown color.

10. Potatoes 

You can do so many things with potatoes, such as having them as a side for your burgers or hash browns for your American breakfast. Find the best outdoor griddle recipes for potatoes and see where they fit in your meal.  

11. Quesadilla

You can also make quesadilla on a griddle.

Tortilla, cheese, and grill – who doesn’t want these? You can also add other stuff you’re sure everyone will dig, such as mushrooms, beans, meats, and spices.

And don’t forget the dips! Just remember though that not everybody likes spicy hot. 

12. Sandwich

There are a lot of sandwich options. You can have Philly cheesesteaks, sliders, smash, burgers, grilled cheese sandwich, or whatever you have in mind. If you think a sandwich is too basic, you can look for the best outdoor griddle recipes you haven’t tried yet.

13. Seafood

If you go fishing or swimming, cooking some seafood is a no-brainer. But even if you’re not near a body of water, eating seafood outdoors can create the vibe.

Choose something easy-peasy to prepare like shrimps or lobsters. But no one’s stopping you from cooking an elaborate dish outdoors. You can flex your griddling skills all you want if you have the time.   

14. Steak

What’s a cookout without having a barbecue? Get your meat on with a steak meal. It’s easy to prepare and very filling. You can also throw in some eggs and toast.

The tricky part is knowing how everyone likes their steak. But if you’re familiar with your griddle and steak recipe, you can come up with something really delicious.  

15. Stir Fry

Do you have the best outdoor griddle recipes for stir fried dishes? There are so many possible combinations if you think about stir frying.

Stir-fried vegetables with meat and noodles will be a satisfying combo. But you can also make an all-veggie dish for your vegan buds. 


Some of the best childhood memories are made during outdoor trips like camping and going to the beach. Relive those moments and create new wonderful ones with these best outdoor griddle recipes. You can surprise your family and friends with your newly acquired skills in cooking or how you’ve mastered your griddle.