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Best Pellet Smoker Brands

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We only want the best for ourselves and our families. It is no different when choosing a pellet smoker.

But there are just too many brands out there, claiming they’re the best. In this article, we narrow it down to the best pellet smoker brands.

Traeger Grills

In 1988, Traeger Grills sold its first commercial wood pellet grill. And since then, the brand has grown in popularity.

Often cited by barbeque enthusiasts at the top of their lists, Traeger Grills has earned a spot as one of the best pellet smoker brands ever.


  • Easy to use – From assembly to actual grilling, Traeger is easy to use. It is extremely easy to operate with an added Auger Drive System feature for some of its models. So even while grilling, rest assured you can take more time to sit back and relax.
  • Regulated temperature – You can never undercook or overcook with this grill. Temperature is no problem, and with a large cooking space, it can surely cook meat of different sizes consistent with your desired amount of heat.
  • Excellent construction quality – Built is notably durable. Even if you’re not meticulous in cleaning, or even if the grill is frequently exposed to the sun, you may be surprised that rust doesn’t build up. It’s a product that can withstand the test of time and environment.


  • High price – Traeger Grills range from $800- $1200. If you are quite practical, then this grill may not be a perfect match.
  • Accessories not included – It’s counterintuitive that the product, despite the price, does not come with much-needed accessories (not even a blanket cover). If you want to upgrade your grill, such as adding front racks or simply a cover to put on the smoker, then you have to spend more.

Z Grills

Ranked by Forbes as one of the best grills of 2019 (just another way to say it’s really one of the best pellet smoker brands), Z Grills is undeniably a leader in the grilling industry. 


  • User-friendly – Not an expert on how to grill? No worries. Z Grills are very easy to use.  They maintain temperature just fine, and in fact, even an average consumer can manage to operate it with ease.
  • Includes accessories – Z Grills often include several accessories, such as utensils and racks. It has so many add-ons to improve your grilling experience. You can even pop a beer while grilling as Z Grills even come with a bottle opener.
  • Competitive price – The grill’s quality is similar to Traeger’s but at lower prices. Z Grills are often cheaper by hundreds of dollars so you can save more.


  • Temperature gradient corners – Some areas were found to have less heat compared to other areas. So, you might want to check whether some grilled food are hotter than others, or you might end up redoing another batch.
  • Errors – Software may seem like a great add-on. However, for Z Grills, there are reports of recurring software errors after several months or years of use. For most, it leads to frustration knowing there are circuit problems, which may be difficult to troubleshoot. 

Camp Chef

Established in 1990, Camp Chef has been cooking with the avid outdoorsy individuals for 30 years and counting. This brand has stood the test of time.


  • Optimized cooking space – Don’t you just love the feeling of having done so much in just one cooking? Camp Chef offers multiple racks, so cook more with each batch.
  • Easy Clean – After cooking, you know how greasy it can be afterward. You don’t have to worry about that. Camp Chef makes your cleaning experience a pleasure as convenient as scraping off the grill gates with no sweat.
  • Higher grill temperature – When you want that scorching heat tenderizing your good old steaks, these kinds of grills can go from 500 to even 2500 degrees. It will be a perfect heat profile for meat lovers out there. 


  • Reliability of parts – There are several parts, such as screws or legs, that give in after a while. There are reports of grill tires loosening up that it could tip the grill over.
  • Flaming goes off sometimes – Sometimes, the heat just goes off. You have to monitor your grill if this happens.

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills was established in 2007. Today, it remains to have a good reputation at a very consumer-friendly price.


  • Affordable price – The company remained true to its promise – “not the highest price” compared to other competitor brands. Their great quality, coupled with their good price, makes Green Mountain Grills great value for money.
  • Very portable – If you like camping, then you might want to take Green Mountain Grills with you. Often it is commended for its engineering and design. It is the ideal equipment built for travel, whether at the park or the “mountain”. 
  • Easy Storage – The design is compact. It is the type of grill you can store even in small spaces and less the hassle.


  • Poor indicators – Consumers complain that they would rather have a “ready” or “not ready” indicator compared to the current numerical scale indicator. There can be confusing, especially for average users in trying to figure out what these numbers really mean. So, if you opt for this grill, you may want to get a good grasp of estimates. 


With several companies claiming to be the best pellet smoker brands, it is difficult to know which one really wins.

But the bottom line, every consumer has different preferences and needs.

So, whatever brand that suits your terms (i.e., design, budget, and features) will be best for you.

It is also very important to consider the pros and cons of each griller, so you know what to expect. In making any purchase, it is important to be smart with your choices so you will have your money’s worth.

In this blog, we review several grills and smokers to help you decide which one’s the best for you.