Best Smokers for Cold Weather to Purchase in 2021

Best Smokers for Cold Weather -
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It is not easy to find a good quality smoker that comes with an affordable price tag attached to it for the beginner smoker. We took the liberty to find some of the best to save you the time and effort to see what they have to offer.

Most smokers for colder weather have their own shortcomings and their good features included. To see what these smokers have to offer, keep on reading, and find out how they can benefit the beginner smoker as well as the expert.

Comparison Chart

Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Best Smokers for Cold Weather Reviews

Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

With many great features included to make it great for use in cold weather, this smoker will improve your smoking skills. It will also provide you with a great user experience to make the learning curve much more bearable for beginner smokers.


This smoker is great for the beginner. Even though you still have a learning curve when it comes to smoking, this one will make it easier. For the expert smoker, this enclosed electric smoker is ideal to use in cold weather with the relatively high heat output capacity it provides.

It will not take up a lot of space thanks to its compact design when you need to put it at a convenient location for smoking. At only 26 inches, it will fit into the very small spaces to keep the smoker itself out of the weather.

For optimal temperature control, it is equipped with an easy-to-read temperature gauge on the smoker's door. This will make your smoking job much easier and put you in control to properly manage your smoker's temperature.

There is also a viewing window installed in the door to further make the job of food smoking much easier. You have quite a large smoking space, and it also comes with three strong chrome-plated steel cooking grates included increasing the cooking surface.

Unfortunately, this electric smoker will take some time to get used to because of the learning curve that comes with it.


  • This smoker is great for beginners and experts
  • It has quite a large smoking space
  • The smoker comes with many extras included
  • Made with a strong and durable construction


  • Not easy to assemble the smoker
  • It will need some learning and getting used to

Smoke Vault from Camp Chef

This quite versatile gas smoker from Camp Chef comes with quite a number of great features included to make your food smoking easier. Camp Chef comes with many years of smoking appliances experience that can be used by food smokers to improve their food smoking skills.


With the smoker's enclosed design, it is quite easy to retain the heat properly, even in colder weather. It is also compact enough to fit in quite a small space to save you a lot of storage space when not in use.

It does come with quite a large smoking space, and the included grates will help increase the cooking surface quite a lot. It also comes with quite a high maximum heat output capacity of 18,000 BTUs to provide much better heat control.

It is also equipped with an easy to read and easy to use thermometer in the smoker's door for better control. This will allow you from 50 degrees and up to 550 degrees heat capacity for easy internal heat management to control the smoking temperatures.

You also have three damper valves included to help control the internal heat of the smoker even better. There is a booklet included with great food smoking tips to make it much easier to learn the art of smoking for your convenience.

Unfortunately, this gas smoker does not come with proper sealing and insulation of the door, and you may lose some of the heat.


  • Enclosed to retain the heat
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • It is quite easy to use this smoker
  • This smoker has a nicely compact design


  • It does not properly insulate
  • No protective cover included for when it is not in use

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

This smoker is quite large, with a lot of interior space to get a lot of food smoked in just one food smoking session. With a double exterior wall, this electric food smoker will easily retain the heat and keep the interior at the proper heat all the time.


With a large 544 square meters of internal smoking space, you will be able to smoke enough food for the whole extended family. Also included with this smoker are three chrome-plated cooking grates to increase the food cooking surface quite a lot.

To not waste your time with regular refilling of the wood chips, you have quite a large storage capacity hopper included for that. This will help control the overall internal heat better when you do not need to open the door very often.

It is powered by a very strong and durable 1200 watts heating element to provide ample heat for the smoker's large interior. It also comes with a very well insulated chamber to provide you with much better control over the interior heat.

For easy storage, you have convenient carry handles attached to the side to easily move it to a safe and secure place. Also included are two strong and secure heavy-duty door latches to keep the door sealed all the time while smoking.

The removable drip trays of this smoker are a bit on the small side, so you will have to clean them quite often to prevent overflow.


  • Comes with a spacious interior
  • Large storage capacity for wood chips
  • Everything included to smoke your food
  • Very easy to keep it clean


  • The drip tray is a bit small
  • It does not have a high maximum heat output capacity


The winner in this category of the best smoker for cold weather is the Camp Chef smoke vault that is quite versatile. It will heat up very quickly and provide ample control for the smoker to manage the smoker's internal heat.

This one does come with quite a high price tag attached to it, so the next in line is the Landman electric smoker. This smoker comes with great heat control and provides a lot of interior food smoking space. It also comes with quite a lower price tag attached to it for those working with a tight budget.