Best Way To Clean An Electric Smoker

Best Way To Clean An Electric Smoker

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There’s nothing more palatable as the delightful taste of smoked salmon or smoked brisket, but cooking it with your wood-fired smoker is too complicated and requires your expertise on it.

As we all know, many appliances used in cooking are invented and developed well by experts today.

Thanks to our modern cooking technology, an electric smoker has eventually brought to our homes now.

Electric smokers are laid-outed to cook meat at a lower or high temperature than standard gas grill or charcoal grill can.

For you to get a smoke-flavored and tender, juicy textures ham, you should prepare yourself for a long cook — which will take you several hours of smoking, or even a whole day for your meat!

But, have you ever wondered how to correctly clean your electric smoker after or before you use it? 

Let me share with you the best way to clean an electric smoker, which will help you later in your smoking adventure by the kitchen or by the backyard.

Easy Steps To Have Your Electric Smoker Clean

1. Before you start cleaning your electric smoker, of course, if you don’t want to get electrocuted, unplug it first. Don’t forget to wear a rubber glove upon starting.

2. Next, remove the parts of the electric smoker such as the pans, rack support, racks, drip deflector, and other detachable pieces.

You can have it cleaned and washed in soapy water in your dishwasher or sink. Just be sure to rinse! You can also use the scraper and steels wool in removing the grease.

3. Spray the interior with a non-chemical solvent/cleaner like 50% apple cider and 50% water, or you may use soda instead.

4. Then, scrape off the hard deposits using a steel wool or a scraper. You can use paper towels in wiping off the remaining dirt in the interior of your smoker.

5. Put your accessories back on your smoker and run some smoke in it for an hour or two to dry and re-season.

Electric smokers are usually the entry point for some who want to start learning how to smoke meat. If you’re interested in smoking different types of food, well, an electric smoker can offer you great versatility!

Since you’re already gone through the best way to clean an electric smoker, you can now prepare some of your food preferences and make it tastier and delightsome to your family by smoking it with your electric smoker.

Well then, I know you’ll do good on doing that!

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Electric Smoker

Having an electric smoker at your home is undisputedly one of your best choices of appliances, so you must look after it!

Cleaning it after 3 to 5 times use is an excellent thing to do but always make sure it is clean before you use it, of course.

It will not only ensure you will last longer, but your guests will be much pleased and carefree knowing your food is safe to consume.

With that, I’ll give you some reasons why you really should clean your electric smoker.

It Might Contaminate Your Food 

Excess build-up of your burned food and grease on your smoker will reduce its cooking performance over time.

Keeping it neat and clean with just some easy steps would ensure it remains at its best working condition.

Also, keep in mind to only use mild dish detergents or non-abrasive cleaners to avoid damage. 

Rust — Your Biggest Enemy

A big snowball of grease should really be removed from your special appliance because this could result in having some rusts due to the moisture retained in the unit.

It can also form a few black droplets that will drip down into your food, and that is just so gross!

Look Out For Those Ashes

The same goes for the ash on your firebox. Just so you know, ash also absorbs water over time, so you should always remove it because this is another potential for rust hazard.

Keeping your electric smoker dirt-free is an excellent thing you should do if you want your smoker to be in the long run.

On top of that, smoked foods are the star of every meal, but only a few people love the perks of smoking their foods!

What Does It Make You More Favorable

Through the help of the heat produced by electricity, your electric smoker can cook your food by it.

There are also some vents that will control its temperature, but the work’s reams are processed by the heating elements. On top of all, they are like ovens that cook low and slowly.

Knowing the best way to clean an electric smoker well ahead will also help you understand why it is good to have one.

You Can Rule Over It

Controlling its temperature is just a piece of cake, especially on high-end units! Simply turn its dial button, which allows you to adjust its temperature.

Less Hassle. Less Effort.

When you’re smoking your favorite food, you have to season it first before putting it inside, set your preferred temperature and time settings, then voilà!

You can walk away and do other things since your smoker will do its work!

Electric bill? Worry no more!

Electric smokers don’t consume a lot of electricity, and it’s good for you to know that.

A majority of electric smokers used up only 800 watts per hour. If you multiply this with the average kilowatt-hour cost in your area, you’ll see that your electric smoker is very affordable to operate!

It’s Environmental-Friendly

Using electricity in smoking is a far cleaner and safer energy source than wood, charcoal, and propane. This means that electric smokers are more earth-friendly.

Just so you know, some particles found in the smoke of woods or coals may contribute to the overall air pollution.

It Produces Healthier Foods

Besides having good effects on the environment, electric smokers are also better for your health. Burning charcoal and woods have been shown to yield some carcinogens which cause cancer.

The electric smoker is healthier since you will not use oil or butter as other cooking methods do.

After you have perceived the reasons above, let me enumerate some tips of doing the best way to clean an electric smoker, so you can do it right away with the thought of having your electric smoker making your delicious food.