Can an Electric Grill be Left Outside?

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No, you should not leave your electric grill outside. Rain, snow, and dust can damage the electric grill’s circuitry. Moreover, they can also dull your electric grills with rust.


Grilling food outdoors is always a good experience for any family. There’s just nothing that defeats the convenience of grilling on one’s own backyard or terrace.

But if you own and use electric grills, can they be safely left outside?

The short answer is NO. Here are several reasons:

1. Rain or snow is hazardous to your electric grill.

Outside your house, the electric grill is exposed to harsh elements like rain or snow.

Rain or snow can damage the electric circuitry of your electric grill. Rain and snow are also made up of water. And water, as we know it, can induce rust in materials and equipment that are made of metal.

There’s also the risk of electrocution. If your electric grill is plugged in and gets submerged in water, it may electrocute anyone nearby who has contact with the water.

Water can also short-circuit your device and cause fire if there are flammable materials nearby.

2. Your electric griddle is exposed to dirt.

While your electric griddle sits outside, it can collect dust and dirt. They can accumulate in hard-to-reach areas and may contaminate your food while grilling. Like water from snow or rain, dust can likewise damage your electric grill.

Other safety tips while using your electric grill outdoors

Now that you understand why electric grills should not be left outside, here are other safety tips while using your electric grill outdoors:

  • Do not use an electric grill in the rain or when there is snow. If there are combustible or flammable materials near your space, do not use an electric grill near it.
  • Never put or expose the cords, plug, or heating element in water or any other liquid components. We all know that when we are grilling outside, the biggest obstacle is the uncontrollable weather, so we need it to make sure that all operating hazards are addressed. Visually and manually inspect cords, wire, plug, and all connections for damages before using it.
  • Turn the control knob to the off position before plugging or unplugging your electric grill. Likewise, unplug the electric grill from its outlet when the electric grill is not in use. When grilling, all electrical cords should always be properly secured to protect both your device and yourself. You can replace or resolve issues before grilling outside to avoid any untoward incidents.
  • Electric grills should be connected to a ground fault interrupter outlet, following local codes, so you can avoid the risk of shock and accidents.
  • Avoid playing sports activities near the grill because it may cause an accident to either the player or device; worse, to both.

Make a conscious effort to orient the kids or make precautionary signs because it can be extremely easy for your kids or their pets to touch the hot surfaces of the grill.

You can keep your grill away from them, that is your best option- at least five feet away from the grill and even after you are done cooking.