Ribs on griddle

Can You Cook Ribs on a Griddle?

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The answer is yes, of course!

When it comes to food, you always want the best. Preparing them yourself makes it even better as you savor the aroma of the ingredients especially if its ribs. When it comes to ribs, different cuisines are to be expected. You can think of many recipes and kitchen tools where it can be processed. But can you cook ribs on a griddle? The answer is a definite yes. 

Griddles are cooking equipment that is used in grilling various foods such as patties, vegetables, and fish. Aside from that, griddles are best used for ribs. They are made of metal plates and can be powered by using woods, electricity, and gas. They also vary in sizes which are suited for many types of places.

Here are some of the best griddles which you can use to elevate your ribs.

1. Blackstone 17” Tabletop Griddle

If you are the kind of person who wants to travel either alone or with someone and cannot get rid of eating ribs, then Blackstone 17” tabletop griddle is just what you need. This griddle will let you enjoy the journey that you are going to venture together with your favorite ribs. This is a convenient griddle that can cook your ribs the way you want it to be. You can bring it on camping with your friends or picnics with your family. It has the right amount of space for the ribs without having trouble grilling.

2. Camp chef flat top grill 900

If you are planning to have a ribs party, this Camp chef flat top grill 900 should be your go-to griddle. It will cover not just your family but also a bunch of your relatives. With its 877 square inches cooking space, you surely won’t miss a single person from having that juicy ribs. This is a dream griddle for a jungle of ribs waiting to be cooked. Each rib will get the smoky atmosphere from the griddle. It has six burners that will make your preparation fast yet cravingly delicious. It assures you if you can cook ribs on a griddle. 

3. Blackstone 36” griddle

The tantalizing features of Blackstone 36” griddle will surprise you. This griddle gets a wider space of 720 square inches. That is why it is great if you want to prepare a huge amount of ribs to be cooked simultaneously. It will not just save you more time but also gives you the right crisp of the ribs. It can work by using an electronic ignitor through an AA battery. 

Also, if you are worried about the oils that come from the ribs, the Blackstone 36” offers a grease trap where the fats can be stored. Having this feature provides a lesser mess in your grilling area. Another service that this griddle offers is its availability to be transported so you can put anywhere you want. The legs are removable for more convenience.

4. Camp Chef Flat top grill 475

Putting your ribs in an oven is one way, but can you cook ribs on a griddle and get the same result? You can with the help of the camp chef flat top grill 475. This will allow you to get that juicy and tasty scent of grilled ribs. It can elevate your dish because you can easily adjust the heat of the metal plate with its three burners. These burners can help you regulate the heat while cooking. So, you can have that nice grilled food to be served for your family. It is also convenient to use because of its average cooking size which is 468 square inches. Just the right area to have with your family. You can cook the ribs in just one grilling. Lesser time to prepare and more time to spend and eat with your loved ones.

5. Drip ‘N Griddle

If you like to work on your ribs on a kettle grill, then the Drip ‘N griddle is the best-suited griddle for you. This will cook your ribs beautifully and without having worries getting it burnt. The Drip ‘N griddle is exactly made to fit in your kettle grill. The size of this griddle fits exactly to kettles with a measurement of 22 inches and 26 inches.

 It is not just a simple griddle because it serves for two purposes. Aside from grilling your ribs with that rich smoky scent, it also offers for a place of the drippings. You would want your ribs to be perfectly cooked inside and out. But can you cook ribs on a griddle without worrying much about the heat? There is nothing to be afraid of, this griddle will give you a great result as it works best in temperatures with medium heat.

6. Lodge Logic Pro Cast Iron Griddle

When it comes to grilling meat especially ribs, the lodge logic pro cast iron would be a great choice. You can choose the flat side, but you are cooking ribs, so it is much better to use the grilling side. It will carve grill marks on your ribs which gives it an additional splash to your dish. They can be placed inside your house but if you prefer cooking outside then you can also bring it out.

7. Camp Chef Mountain Grill

Going out with friends at a camp is an exciting thing to do. But can you cook ribs on a griddle while having fun? This is what the camp chef mountain griddle wants you to experience. With this griddle, you can enjoy your favorite grilled ribs while still laughing out loud together with your best buddies. You can do the grilling wherever you want as long as you have what you need. You will use charcoals to heat the griddle which elevates the camping vibe. The ribs will get that perfect grill mark while absorbing the smoke coming from the charcoals.

8. Camp chef flat top grill 600

Getting that famous grilled mark to your ribs makes it even savory. That is why the camp chef flat top grill 600 does not just offer you a flat top but also a grill grate. This griddle has a cooking area of 604 square inches suited for a large number of ribs.


Cooking ribs can be done in different ways. But can you cook ribs on a griddle with such elevated taste? With the right ingredients, procedures, and griddle, there is no doubt that you can. Just believe in what you can do, and everything will fall into place.