Can You Grill Chicken on a Griddle

Can You Grill Chicken on a Griddle?

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Are you looking for new and innovative ways to prepare chicken? Do you want to cook your chicken on the grill, but the weather says “No!” so you’re trying to find an indoor solution?If that’s the case, you may be wondering: Can you grill chicken on a griddle? The simple answer is “Yes, you can!” Cooking chicken on the griddle is simple, and it is even a relatively healthy way to prepare your meal.Let’s learn about what a griddle is and how you should go about cooking chicken on it.

Griddle vs. Grill Pan

The first thing that we need to clear up is the difference between a griddle and a grill pan. While the two are often confused, they are actually two distinct types of cookware that can have some overlap because of their accessories.

Griddle vs. Grill Pan


A griddle it typically a smooth pan that can be either a standalone, electric device or a pan that you place on top of the burners to heat up. The griddle can be considered a replacement for frying pan and is great for cooking eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and anything else you would make in the frying pan.

Grill Pan

A grill pan is a ridged pan that has grill crosshairs to create a similar cooking effect to what you would get on a grill. These pans tend to be used to cook food that releases a lot of fat (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) or anything you would typically prefer to cook on the grill since it can give you distinctive grill marks.

The Confusion

Many cookware devices referred to as a “griddle” actually have a ridged surface like a grill pan. This overlap in names has happened over time, and it can make understanding what type of pan you should be using a bit frustrating. That being said, griddles can be used to make chicken.

Cooking Chicken on the Griddle

The best type of griddle to use for cooking chicken is one that has a ridged surface similar to your grill rather than the smooth surface that is typical of most griddles. Using a ridged surface allows the chicken to cook without sitting in grease, and this leads to a leaner and more delicious final product.

Grilled Chicken

Grilling chicken on a griddle is simple; all you need to do is follow these four steps.

Step 1: Heat Thoroughly

Your griddle needs to be very hot to cook the chicken quickly and evenly. Most griddles should be set to medium-high or high heat. Make sure to allow the griddle to heat up for at least 10 minutes before you start cooking the chicken.

Step 2: Roll the Chicken

Chicken breasts are, by nature, uneven in thickness. For the best griddle cooking experience, you want to even out the thickness.Wrap the chicken breasts in cling wrap, and use a rolling pin to roll out the chicken until it is even. The recommended thickness for this is usually around ½ inches.

Step 3: A Little Oil Goes a Long Way

Cooking chicken on the griddle doesn’t require a lot of oil, so don’t overdo it. Simply add a little bit of oil before you start cooking the chicken. In fact, less than a tablespoon for four chicken breasts will suffice.

Step 4: Be Patient

The chicken needs time to cook all the way through, so expect to leave it to cook on each side for at least five minutes. Total cooking time will usually end up being around 15 minutes.

Cooking Chicken on the Griddle

Our Favorite Chicken-On-The-Griddle Recipe

Now that you know that you can use your griddle to prepare chicken, we’d like to share our favorite chicken-on-the-griddle recipe. This recipe is simple and can even be adjusted to suit your palette.


  • Four chicken breasts, rolled flat to ½” thick


  • One tbsp lemon juice
  • One clove crushed garlic
  • Two tbsp soy sauce
  • Two tbsp runny honey
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • One tbsp olive oil
  • Vegetable oil


  • Mix together the marinade ingredients, then add chicken.
  • Marinate in the refrigerator for one hour.
  • Remove the chicken and keep the marinade.
  • Warm up your griddle to medium-high or high heat.
  • Brush a small amount of vegetable oil on the pan.
  • Cook the chicken for about five minutes on each side, until it is cooked through.
  • While the chicken is cooking, take your marinade reserve. Strain it and then pour into a small saucepan.
  • Bring the marinade to a boil and then simmer for one minute.
  • When the chicken is finished, serve the marinade sauce with the chicken.

If you want, you can even grill up some vegetables like peppers, corn, and tomatoes alongside the chicken. Then you can serve a balanced, delicious meal!

Get to the Griddle and Serve a Delicious Chicken Meal

Can you grill chicken on a griddle? Yes, but it will only really be “grilled” if you have a griddle which comes with a grill mark pan. Nonetheless, even if you have a flat, frying pan-style griddle, you can still cook chicken. You just won’t get the characteristic grill marks.Regardless of your griddle type, cooking chicken indoors is easier than ever before; thanks to these pans. Try it out for yourself!