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Can you use a cookie sheet as a griddle?

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Griddles are one of the most popular cooking tools currently. They’re large and let you cook a ton of food at once, and you can heat different areas of the griddle to different temperatures.

Griddles can be pricey, and if you’re not sure whether you’ll get enough use out of it, spending the money on it may not be the best option for you at the moment.

But if you’re looking to cook something on a make-shift griddle, you may be wondering if you can use a standard cookie sheet to do so.

Cookie Sheets can be used as a Griddle

You’ll be happy to know that you can use a cookie sheet as a griddle! You can say goodbye to the days where you have to make a smaller quantity of food at a time and use a cookie sheet to make more food quicker.

When you’re considering using your cookie sheet or sheet pan as a griddle, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

While you can use cookie sheets as a griddle, they can only tolerate a certain amount of heat. They’ll be able to cook a decent number of foods, but if you’re considering using this kitchen tool for cooking steaks, you may want to consider a different method.

Another thing to consider is that cookie sheets can only hold so much food. One of the main reasons people love cooking on their griddle is because it can cook a larger quantity of food at once. Even though cookie sheets can pose as a griddle, they’ll still be much smaller.

Will the Taste of the Food be Affected?

Using a cookie sheet as a griddle shouldn’t have any effect on the flavor of your meal. The only reason your food may taste different is if you use too high of heat and the cookie sheet begins to warp.

That could cause the flavor to be altered, but as long as you keep the heat within the range it can tolerate, you shouldn’t have an issue.

How to Use a Cookie Sheet as a Griddle

So, you’re ready to use your cookie sheet as a griddle but don’t know how to do it safely? Here’s how to use a cookie sheet as a griddle.

You’ll want to place your cookie sheet on top of your grill. The main thing to keep in mind is not to heat the grill too high.

You won’t want to heat the temperature above 370 degrees Fahrenheit. You may want to check with your cookie sheets manufacturer to make sure it can withstand that level of heat.

Heating the grill to a high temperature can cause your cookie sheet to warp and potentially contaminate your food.

When using a cookie sheet as a griddle, the best rule of thumb is to keep the heat low or, at the maximum, medium.

Since most griddles come with a non-stick surface, if your cookie sheet doesn’t, you’ll need to add a little bit of cooking oil to prevent food from sticking.

Using a cookie sheet as a griddle works wonderfully for making pancakes because you can make several at once.

Once your cookie sheet is heated, and you’ve added some cooking oil, you can go ahead and prepare whatever your heart desires.

Pros to Using a Cookie Sheet as a Griddle

There are a few benefits of using a cookie sheet as a griddle. The first pro to using this tool is that you can save money on buying a griddle.

It’s a quick fix when you need a flat top to cook pancakes or other meals without using a frying pan.

Cons to Using a Cookie Sheet as a Griddle

Unfortunately, there are more cons to using a cookie sheet as a griddle than there are pros. The main con for using a cookie sheet as a griddle is that you cannot heat it to temperatures that will cook several types of foods.

You can only heat the cookie sheet to 350 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit safely. Another con to consider is that you can’t cook as much food as you could on a traditional griddle.

Alternatives to Consider

Using a cookie sheet as a griddle will work in a pinch, but if you’re looking for alternatives, you’ll want to check out these options.

1. Use a Griddle

While a cookie sheet is great to use as a griddle, you can’t cook as many things on it as you can with a traditional griddle. Griddles can cook a lot more food and heat to higher temperatures, giving you more options for what you can cook for yourself and your loved ones.

2. Use a Cast-Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is one of the best kitchen tools you can have. They mimic griddles in many ways due to being made with similar material, and they are both seasoned with cooking oil to prevent food from sticking.

You won’t be able to cook a large quantity of food in your cast-iron skillet as you would with a griddle, but you will be able to heat the kitchen tool to much higher temperatures than you could when using a cookie sheet.

If you use a cast-iron skillet, you’ll be able to cook a wider variety of food like steak, bacon, and other foods that require a higher temperature.

This is a great alternative to use instead of a cookie sheet as a griddle if you are planning on cooking anything that you cannot cook at a low to medium temperature.

3. Use an Outdoor Grill

Using an outdoor grill is another great option if you don’t want to use a cookie sheet as a griddle. It’s not the perfect alternative because it doesn’t have the flat top surface that griddles and a cookie sheet do, but it’s one you’ll want to consider. When it comes to cooking meats, using your outdoor grill may be a better option for you than a cookie sheet as a griddle.


Cookie sheets are not designed just like any griddle. You might ruin your cookie sheet if you are not extra careful in using it as a griddle. Can you use a cookie sheet as a griddle?

If you are not so sure and confident in doing it, you might not need to push it through. After all, if you have the guts and the best technique in doing so, why not? Just keep in mind the tips shared above and it might as well help you achieve a new griddle cooking adventure using a cookie sheet you all wanted for.