Can You Use a Griddle as a Warming Tray?

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Eating food is something that you are looking forward to in your everyday life. Good food tastes better if you eat it warm. But because of some reason, you do not get the chance of eating warm foods for your meal.

This is a common problem that you might be encountering especially when you are grilling something. You always use griddles for grilling. But can you use a griddle as a warming tray?

Nowadays, new tools are being invented that can make your life easier and more interesting. Electric griddles are one of the magnificent works that had been created. You cannot use a griddle as a warming tray.

But with the emergence of these electric griddles, you do not have to worry about warming your foods. These devices come with warming trays that you can readily use while preparing your grilled meals.

Advantages of Electric Griddles with a Warming Tray

  • Serve Fresh Food

The purpose of a warming tray is to make sure that you get to serve a warm and freshly cooked food. So, as you deliver these meals to your family, friends, and even to guests during an event, they will still get that crispiness and savory taste. You want to make them happy by giving the best food that you can offer.

  • Foods Last Long

You want to give a good service to your family or your customers with a nice meal. One problem when you prepare food is that sometimes they easily taste bad. But with the help of warming trays, this issue can be solved right away. It makes your food last longer than expected while maintaining good taste and texture.

Here are some of the best electric griddles that offer great warming trays for your delight.

  • Black and Decker GR100 Electric griddle

The Black and Decker GR100 is an electric griddle that is suitable if you are having family events like birthdays or weekend celebrations. This device has a dimension of 26.8 x 14.6 x 5.6 inches. With its large space, you won’t get a problem serving the whole members of the family. It will make you content with its huge plate. 

Good conversation is coupled with warm foods. That is why the warming tray that is available together with the griddle will make your interactions a great one. You can have that lively chat with your kids or partner while savoring the nice heat of your food. With the huge number of foods that you are grilling, having that support of the warming tray is amazing.

Also, having this warming tray assures you of fresh food even if you have celebrations that would take several hours to finish. This is just a beneficial treatment for you as the food won’t go dry or lose its crispiness. 

  • Presto 21929 electric griddle

The Presto 21929 electric griddle is a special griddle that you should probably use. This is because you can flip the griddle and use it for a variety of purposes. One side is for grilling which is the primary work of the griddle.

The second one is the fancy additional feature which lets you warm the food that you grilled. Also, you do not need to worry if you are having a hard time defending yourself from the oils flying everywhere.

You can flip the griddle up to serve as your shining armor from that splashing hot oil.

If you are troubled by the foods getting stuck to the cooking plate, this electric griddle will save you from that misery. It has a non- sticky plate making your food perfectly cooked. Cleaning would not be that hard for you.

  • Nostalgia GD20C electric griddle

Having doubts if you can use a griddle as a warming tray is quite hard. But with Nostalgia GD20C electric griddle, there is nothing to have doubts on.

This electric griddle provides you with lots of features that you will truly be fond of. Its body is made up of copper while the surface is die-cast aluminum. With that, you can settle for a high-quality device to use. 

The warming tray is one of its highlights. It lets you save food from becoming lumpy. So, it would be a great help if you are running a catering service. The customers would highly regard the consistency of your food.

  • Oster DuraCeramic Griddle 

The Oster DuraCeramic griddle comes with a warming tray that you needed. Aside from that, it has several features to be highly noticed. First is the temperature which can be regulated. This allows you to grill food in just the right amount of heat. It can be adjusted easily, and you can cook faster with the exact timing of grilling. 

The plate of this electric griddle is made up of titanium and with a non-stick surface for better grilling. What makes this non-stick layer special is because it does not contain harmful substances. So, when it comes to safety, this electric griddle is one that you should watch out for.

  • Brentwood TS-840 electric griddle

When it comes to electric griddles with a great warming tray, the Brentwood TS-840 is on the list. This griddle keeps your food from getting that unsavory taste. It prolongs and delicately warms the food.

You can enjoy the meal with your family as long as you want without sacrificing the taste of the food. With its amazing handles, you can also bring your food wherever you want.

You can now enjoy watching movies or chatting be it in the living room or outside in your garden.

Other features of the Brentwood TS-840 are its non- sticky surface. The difficulty of cleaning wouldn’t be that hard. The temperature can be adjusted to the heat that you want.

  • Faberware Family-size 14 x 14 inches

 The cooking area for this griddle, that is 14 square inches, is just enough to make your family a complete meal. You can cook several foods here such as eggs and pancakes.

It provides you a warming drawer that is very essential in keeping your foods warm while you are still busy preparing for more. Its surface is safe because it does not have chemicals that can mix with the foods.


Having a warming tray in your electric griddle is such a good thing. It brings a lot of benefits especially if you are cooking for a large number of people. It lets you enjoy the food better and keeps it from being soggy. It addresses your needs and makes cooking a lot easier.