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Can You Use a Griddle Pan on a Ceramic Hob?

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You may be hesitating by now whether a griddle pan can work well on a ceramic hob. Perhaps, that’s the primary reason that brought you here. After all, you want to treat that lustrous cooktop of yours delicately because it’s always better safe than sorry. 

The big question is posed -“Can you use a griddle pan on a ceramic hob?” With certainty, the answer is YES.

Technically speaking, a griddle pan can work well on all types of cooktops such as induction or gas. So if you’re itching to try a recipe at the moment you can actually take that pan out and turn the hob on.

This might just excite you but there’s more! There are several things we’d liked you to know. Perhaps, if you’re still filling in your knowledge at the kitchen then you should read this whole thing through. Let’s begin by discussing some basic know-how. 

Ceramic Hob

A ceramic hob is one other type of cooking device. Its namesake refers to the ceramic material that overall gives a stylish finish to the hob.  It has a modern aesthetic and it’s easy to clean surface makes it appealing for homeowners. 

How it works

Ceramic hobs are engineered with coiled metal elements. These elements are powered by electricity which produces your desired heat temperature that gradually heats the pan. 

Griddle Pans

A griddle pan can come in varying shapes typically rectangular, square, or round. Regardless of the shape it always provides a broad cooking surface adequate for multiple cooking quantities. Some griddle pans feature a flat surface while there are also those with raised ridges. 

How it works

When using a griddle pan it is always advised to heat it with a decent amount of oil for about 5 minutes. Griddle pans are designed to spread heat evenly and if you hover your hand above its surface you’ll know it’s hot enough. That being done, you can begin by putting those marinated steaks and cook it to juicy perfection.

What you must consider

Surely, you can use a griddle pan on a ceramic hob but there are several factors you have to keep in mind. As you may notice a ceramic hob though mechanically strong and styled with luster is still a brittle piece of equipment.  

Here, we provide a short list to make this approach efficient and safe.

  • Consider a lot of care

Caring is part of an overall package. When operating a ceramic hob you have to treat it delicately. Unlike a traditional stove, you can’t just drag pans or pots all over it. When this happens, it will leave an ugly mark on its surface.

On one hand, cleaning your cooktop is simple. Its smooth flat surface allows you to simply wipe that drip or food particle in a less intensive fashion. In fact, there are no crevices for residue to fall or get stuck with. However, a scratch is irreparable and not as reversible as residue. Thus, always proceed with care.

  • Consider the pan

Every cooktop has suitability on certain cookware material. With a ceramic’s lustrous finish you have to be mindful of the pots and pans that touch its surface. Cookware bottoms made out of copper or aluminum are red flags to this type of hob. 

You can use a griddle pan on a ceramic hob but be advised that titanium and stainless steel pans do best. These suited options are durable and smooth that you won’t have to worry about getting your cooktop marred. With these, you are far more relaxed in your overall cooking experience. 

  • Consider the weight

Accidents happen and damages can be irreparable. It’s better that you don’t put too much weight on your griddle pans because accidentally dropping it can crack the surface. Unlike gas range stoves that offer adequate weight support, ceramic tops can do just minimal. 

However, you don’t need to worry about it very much since pots are often the choice when cooking heavy quantities. Besides, soup based meals and stews could not be held by a griddle pan. Albeit, always ensure that it does put too much weight towards the hob.

  • Consider your burners

There are broader griddle pan models that require two burners. These types of models are referred to as double burner griddle. You can use a griddle pan on a ceramic hob but you might as well turn another burner on.

If by any chance your hob comes with differing burner sizes you will need to create estimates with how high each burner heats. First, place the griddle on top of two burners. Second, set the smaller burner’s heat slightly higher so that it keeps up with the medium sized one. In that way, the smaller burner can compensate for the heat and balance both temperatures on each side.

In addition, if by chance your hob features burners of equal sizes then this will be easier. What you need to do is set the same temperature for both burners and that will set the heat even. 

Quick tip:

  • For easy cleaning use teflon non-stick coated griddle pans. It does not require intensive washing since it’s non-stick coat initially prevents your food from getting stuck.


A griddle is a very functional tool that goes well with a variety of cooktops. Meanwhile, a ceramic hob, although a mechanically durable material, requires a certain amount of care and attention. 

You can use a griddle pan on a ceramic hob but it is not absolute. You need to determine the griddle pan’s material, the weight of its food quantity, and temperature estimation, especially when using double burners.  All in all, to foster both function and sustainability you must act on the above-mentioned circumstances. With that, may your kitchen moments be efficient with an informed use of your griddle pan on a ceramic hob!