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Can You Use a Griddle As A Hot Plate?

Best Non-Teflon Electric Griddle -

Let’s suppose you’re off for a two-night getaway on a private location with your closest friends. Anticipating that there is no access to a full kitchen you decided to bring a griddle to have your meals done. For a minute you thought you wanted to do more than just fry or toast. If so, can […]

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Can you use a cookie sheet as a griddle?

Cookie Sheet

Whether you like it or not, the possibility of using every kitchen cooking tool beyond its written manual can absolutely up your cooking score if you just know how to properly do it. Just like when you are certainly out of griddles and you need to cook a dish that needs the same flat-top surface. […]

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Can You Put a Griddle Pan in the Oven?

Griddle in Oven

A lot of people are now investing in a good and high quality griddle that are known for its various uses.  Believe it or not, griddles are one of the most appreciated gifts for weddings and house-warming. Who would not want a griddle as a gift right? You can use it for cooking pancakes, bacon […]

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Can You Cook Ribs on a Griddle?

Ribs on griddle

The answer is yes, of course! When it comes to food, you always want the best. Preparing them yourself makes it even better as you savor the aroma of the ingredients especially if its ribs. When it comes to ribs, different cuisines are to be expected. You can think of many recipes and kitchen tools […]

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Can You Cook Kebabs on a Griddle?


Kebabs were one of the favorite dishes the whole family enjoyed. It is layered with richly flavored tender meat and veggies. It was originally a middle eastern cuisine but it was popular in the different countries in the world. It is not hard to make kebabs, not very expensive and delicious that is why many […]

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Can You Cook Corn on the Cob on a Griddle?

Corn on a cob

Are you excited for that out of town outdoor get-away but then it got suspended? Perhaps you have been craving some grilled goodies but you do not have the time for outdoor cooking. Have you experienced grilling outside then it suddenly rained? The changing weather can ruin someone’s outdoor grilling fantasy. Let’s face it, not […]

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Can You Boil Water on a Griddle?

How to Clean a Cast Iron Griddle

There are lots of uses of a griddle, and all you need to do is widen your perspective. If you are scanning some flyers or books about kitchen stuff, you will be able to find one known as “flat top grill”. Griddles have flat surfaces that are heated using coal, electricity, gas, or wood. The […]

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Best Outdoor Griddle Recipes

Sizzle-Q Griddle Review

After several months of getting locked in due to the pandemic, it’s just so comforting to be able to plan again for the next get-togethers with friends and family. Going on a camping trip or visiting with loved ones will help relieve your cabin fever. But simply having a party in your backyard under the […]

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What is a pellet smoker?

What is a pellet smoker

When fire entered the picture, it changed everything. Humans distinguished themselves from other animals and set on a path of innovation. Today even with all the futuristic kitchen technology, we still cook by smoking as our ancestors did. Pellet smoking only makes it a little faster, a little fancier. The best of both worlds Pellet […]

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