Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Review -

Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Review

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Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Review

We all know that staying in an apartment prevents you from having a nice BBQ at home, and that is a common rule for apartments. But with smokeless electric grills, that is something of the past, and instead, you can enjoy a nice indoor BBQ meal.

That is exactly the case with this smoke-free electric grill from Gotham Steel that allows you to have an authentic grilled burger. For your convenience, this can be done inside the apartment without the smoke that comes with a normal BBQ.

Keep on reading if you want to know more about this handy indoor grill.

Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Review

This grill comes with quite a large cooking surface of up to 9 x 14 inches to grill a large variety of food at the same time. This feature helps to get a complete meal cooked for two or more people in just one go, in order to save you time. The temperature dial is designed in such a way to maintain the perfect heat over the entire surface of the grilling space. Furthermore, it is easy to use the dial to adjust it to the preferred heat settings for your convenience.

Who Is It For?

This electric Smokeless grill from Gotham Steel is the ideal cooking appliance for apartment dwellers who long for a nice BBQ. It can easily be used indoors and on the balcony or patio of an apartment without the excess smoke factor.

For those people who love to have a BBQ but do not have the outdoor space, this piece of equipment will do the job. It is also great for people who love to camp or RV owners that need a grill when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The Gotham Steel indoor electric grill is meant for everyone who loves to cook and wants that authentic grill feature.

What’s Included?

Included with the electric grill package is the grill with all the parts, the base, the drip pan, as well as the ceramic-coated grill. Also included is the element with an electric cord that plugs into the slot provided on the electric grill.

You also receive a couple of booklets in the package, which include the operator’s manual and a quick reference card. Last but not least, you also get a handy recipe booklet to get you started on your new electric grill.

As you can see, you get everything included in the package to assemble your grill to have it ready for your next delicious meal.

Overview Of Features

  • Included is a burn-proof base that stays cool while you are using the grill for your safety
  • Also included is a ceramic grease catcher to quickly cool the oil to prevent smoke from forming
  • The grill can easily be assembled and disassembled to clean it or store it in a small place
  • You get a ceramic-coated grill surface that prevents food from sticking to the grill and evenly distributes heat
  • An easy-to-use dial comes attached to the element with warm, low, medium, and high heat settings
  • You also have a large cooking surface to make a complete meal in one go to save you time

With the non-stick surface of the grid, it will heat evenly for the perfect cooking. Also, the ceramic surface will help prevent food from getting stuck to it and cause uneven burning.

The whole grill can be completely pulled apart so you can easily scrub it inside out for a clean and hygienic cooking appliance. It can also be quickly and easily assembled in a very short time after it was thoroughly cleaned.

A ceramic grease catcher or dripping pan will make the grease cool off quite quickly to prevent smoke from forming. That is why this is quite a smokeless indoor electric grill for your convenience and will keep your apartment smoke free.

The base of this indoor electric grill is made from burn-proof material to prevent it from heating up too much. This means you have a base that is cold enough to touch while you are grilling to move it around safely.

One drawback of this indoor electric grill is that it does not come with a lid included with the appliance. That will take away some of the ease of use and convenience where it might make a mess while you are cooking.

Also, there is the possibility that the non-stick coating of the grill might wear off over time, leaving the surface exposed. This will lead to some inconvenience for you in the future where the food might get stuck to the surface.

How To Use It

It is quite easy to assemble and set this electric grill up to get that nice BBQ going.

  • Put all the parts together by gathering the base, then the dripping pan, and finally the grill
  • Insert the element into the socket provided for it located to the side of the grill
  • Plug the other side of the cord into the electric wall outlet and switch it on
  • Select the heat setting you need for the type of food you are going to grill on the user-friendly dial

See the following YouTube video for the complete instructions:


  • The grill is relatively easy to use
  • You get a large cooking service
  • There are many extra features added
  • It is made from high-quality materials


  • Non-stick coating might wear off at some point
  • There is no lid included with this grill


An alternative to the Gotham Steel electric grill is the Ovente electric grill with many great features. It also comes with a much lower price tag attached to it for those who work with a tight budget.


As you can see, the Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill is the ideal cooking appliance to have if you love your regular doses of a grilled sandwich. Also, for the home chef, this is a great grilling tool to provide original searing stripes for yourself and loved ones, even if you are indoors.