Griddle vs Grill

Griddle Vs Grill — What’s the Difference?

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Summer is upon us, and that means cookouts! If you’re like most people, you might be wondering what the difference is between a griddle vs grill. Both are great for cooking burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and steak, but each has its own unique set of benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between griddles and grills so you can make the most of your summer cookouts!

Griddle Vs Grill Definition

What is Griddle?

A griddle is a metal surface with a heat source underneath that looks and works similarly to a hotplate. It cooks food straight on top of it. To put it another way, it’s simply a big frying pan without handles or sides.

Griddles are typically rectangular, although hot plates are largely circular. The size varies based on whether the appliance will be used indoors or outside, as well as at home or in a restaurant.

The size can range from huge enough to fit over a whole table to tiny enough to fit between the burners of a stove. There are even tabletop versions that allow you to prepare breakfast at the table anywhere there is an electrical outlet.

A cast-iron skillet or griddle is an excellent choice for those who prefer to use no additional equipment and just cook on a campfire or gas burner. The most essential feature of a griddle is that it be level. If it isn’t, liquids will run off one side.

The metal thickness is measured in a gauge. The thicker the metal, the better it retains and cooks food. Thinner metals can also bend, resulting in an uneven cooking surface.

What is Grill?

Grills come in two varieties. One is made of solid iron or steel with ridges, and the other holds food directly over the open flame via bars. The open design is what you see on the majority of barbecue grills.

The oil and grease run down in-between the continuous rows of ridges on electric grills, which makes them ideal for cooking meat.

The ridges or bars on a grill leave beautiful, little grill marks on the food. The food is charred where it comes into touch with the metal as a result of the high heat. Caramelization occurs when sugars in the meal become caramelized as a consequence of the heat.

Grills produce a lot of heat and smoke, and they’re only used outdoors or beneath the ventilating system of a commercial establishment that expels the smoke outside.

Smokers cook at a lower temperature than barbecue grills or griddles, however, the grates are open, allowing the smoke to flow and the juice to run away from the meat.

Differences Between Griddle Vs Grill

Grill & Griddle


Griddles have smooth, flat surfaces, but grills have raised edges.

Food Items

You can prepare pancakes and eggs on a grill, but you may do so on a griddle.


Griddles cook your food at a slower rate than grills, while grills cook it faster.

Scorching and Searing

Grills can sear and scorch food, but griddles are unable to do so.

Cooking Temperature

The primary distinction between a griddle and a grill is the temperature at which they’re cooked. Grills are used to cook food above 400 °F (204 °C). Griddles, on the other hand, work at temperatures of 350–400 °F (177–204 °C). Because grills produce more smoke and heat, they should be used outside or under a commercial hood ventilating system. Griddles are a bit safer since food is not in direct touch with open flames, and no flare-up is possible.


Griddles are frequently used in the kitchen, but grills may also be found outside.

Easy to Clean

A griddle is easier to clean than a grill because it has a flat surface. There are nooks and crannies on the grill that retain burned fat. To clean most grills, you’ll need a firm brush and soapy water. Cleaning a griddle with warm water and a flat scraper usually accomplishes the task.


The price may be a deal-breaker for many people. And, while I don’t advise based on the cheapest price, price is certainly an important factor to consider. Grills are generally less expensive than griddles. Of course, numerous variables must be considered, such as the brand, kind, fuel, and materials. Griddles are more costly although as you progress up the quality ladder, pricing levels begin to even out. The Camp Chef 600 Flat Top Grill is a good example of a quality cooking griddle, but also at an average price range.


Griddles and grills are both capable of a wide range of applications. The real deal is that griddles are meant for grilling, although anything that you can make on a grill may be prepared on a griddle (but you’ll get a different taste). The reverse isn’t true – you can’t cook pancakes or eggs over your grill grates.

Griddles are best for cooking watery foods such as pancakes, eggs, and pretty much all breakfast foods.

Simply put, Griddles work better for everything you can make in a frying pan, such as eggs and hash browns. it is easy to fry greasy foods on a griddle without the fat dripping away as it does on a grill.


When griddles and grills are in use, they pose the same amount of safety hazards. When using either, you should exercise caution and take precautions – anytime there is fire and scorching temperatures, it’s essential to think first about your safety.


Both griddles and grills pose an equal amount of risks. You just need to be careful and take precautions when using them. In times of hot and scorching temperatures, it’s good to be alert and safety-minded.

In conclusion

The decision between buying a griddle or a grill might be difficult, especially if you’ve never used either one before. The first thing you should consider is the space available in your outdoor patio kitchen. After measuring the area available for a cooker, select one that fits. Griddles have smaller footprints than grills on average, although they can be found in almost any size.

Also, consider how or what you want to cook, the event, etc. A grill will be your go-to choice if your family enjoys outdoor gatherings. A griddle might be a better option for a simple breakfast and burgers or steaks kind of thing. There are sets that come with both a griddle and grill surface, an example is this Grill & Griddle Combo. I hope you’re able to know the differences between Griddle Vs Grill.