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How To Clean Nexgrill Griddle – Complete Guide

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Like any cookware, your Nexgrill Griddle needs regular cleaning, especially if you to keep it in good condition for a long time. Cleaning your Nexgrill Griddle will not only make it nicer, but it will also make it perform best.

Whether you’re a longtime Nexgrill Griddle or an owner of a new one, we’re here to help you figure out how to clean yours to help maintiain in tip-top condition.

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Nextgrill Griddle

Cleaning a Nexgrill Griddle is not unlike cleaning other griddles. However, it’s good to know the nuances when it comes to specific models.

Seasoning Your Nexgrill Griddle First

Seasoning your griddle is a must. If there’s one thing we advise you to do, it’s seasoning your griddle. It’s the single most important thing you can do to make cleaning and maintenance easier down the line. Consider it as an investment now that will reap cleaning dividends in the future.

Seasoning your Nexgrill Griddle is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Using a damp tower, wipe your griddle to remove any residue or debris. Make sure that it’s clean and free of any residue or debris.
  • Set the burners to a high heat setting.
  • Leave the griddle for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Evenly spray or apply cooking oil on your griddle. Be careful not to burn yourself. You may use gloves if necessary.
  • Wait until the cooking oil evaporates.
  • Spray or apply cooking oil again and wait until the cooking oil evaporates.
  • Repeat two more times.

Seasoning your Nexgrill griddle can take more or less an hour. But I swear it’s worth it. It will make cleaning your Nextgrill griddle (and your life) easier. A little effort now goes a long way in the future.

If it’s been a long time since you last seasoned your griddle, you may do so again.

Cleaning you Nexgrill Griddle after each use

It goes without saying that you need to clean your Nexgrill Griddle after every use. It’s like the plates or utensils you use when eating. Cleaning immediately after use will ensure that the food residue won’t harden or accumulate on your griddle.

It’s not necessary but it will make cleaning really easy if you have griddle cleaning kit, such as this one. It’s cheap, complete, and effective.

After every use, here are the steps to clean your Nexgrill Griddle:

  1. Wait for your griddle to cool down. Don’t clean while it’s hot. We’ll explain this later.
  2. Pour water on the griddle. Don’t flood your griddle though. Just a little is enough.
  3. Scrape any leftover food, grease residue, and debris. You may use a griddle scraper for this.
  4. Push all of these into the grease trough.
  5. To clean the grease trough, use warm soapy water.
  6. Wipe the griddle dry. For this, we recommend paper towels. Remember not to leave behind any excess water. We don’t really want our griddle top to rust. (But if that’s the case, read this article on removing rust from your griddle)
  7. Evenly apply or spray cooking oil on the griddle surface. Make sure to include the sides and corner. Cooking oil protects your griddle from rust while it’s not in use. Also, it makes your griddle ready to use the next time you cook. Handy right?

Do this each time you use your griddle.

You may wonder why we didn’t recommend soap, at least except for the grease trough. The reason for this is simple. Using soap would require use to use more water. Water induces corrosion, which in turn, results in rust. Hence, soap equals rust.

In addition, while soap can break down oil, it will also break down the oil used to season the griddle. Without the layer of oil to protect your griddle, it would be easier for food and grease residue to stick and accumulate on your griddle.

But if you must use soap, remember to reseason your griddle.

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Griddle Cleaning

Preventing griddle warping

Earlier we told you to wait for your griddle to cool down before pouring water. You might be wondering why that is. Well, it’s to prevent griddle warping.

Griddle warping distorts the shape of your griddle. It happens when the metal in your griddle is made to cool at a very rapid rate. This happens when you pour water on your hot griddle.

You see, metal expands or contracts depending on the temperature. It expands due to heat and contracts when it’s cold. Normally, the rate of expansion or contraction is uniform throughout the griddle since the heating or cooling is usually even.

However, when you pour water on a very hot griddle, the rate of contraction varies across the griddle surface. Some parts will contract faster than others. Hence, the shape of the griddle is distorted as a result. This is called warping.

Thus, to prevent griddle warping, be sure to let your griddle cool down before pouring water on it. Nice and warm is okay. But burning hot is a no-no.

How to clean a Nexgrill griddle with dish soap

We warned you earlier about using soap to clean your griddle. However, there are times when it really is necessary. When you must really do it, follow these steps:

First, remove any food or debris from the griddle with a scraper.

Then, apply dish soap to the griddle and use a scrub brush to scrub it clean.

Rinse the griddle with water and dry it with paper towel.

After cleaning your Nexgrill griddle with soap and water, remember to reseason it.

How to clean a nexgrill griddle with vinegar and baking soda

To clean your nexgrill griddle, you will need a few simple supplies. gather a bowl, vinegar, baking soda, water, and a scrub brush

Begin by mixing the vinegar and baking soda together in the bowl to create a paste

Next, pour some water into the griddle and spread the vinegar/baking soda mixture over the entire surface. let it sit for about 15 minutes

Use a scrub brush to scrub away any baked on food or residue. then rinse with water and dry thoroughly

How to clean Nexgrill griddle with Lemon and Soda

This may sound more like a summer beverage than a cleaning method, but it combines two tried and true methods to get the best of both worlds.

First, combine one part lemon juice with four parts soda water in a plastic spray bottle.

Then, using a grill scraper, remove any burnt-on pieces from the flat top.

Spray the mixture on the grill and leave for 5-10 minutes for the solution to work its way through the residue.

Clean the flat top with a green scouring pad.

Conclusion | How To Clean a Nextgrill Griddle

The Nexgrill griddle is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen and is easy to keep clean with regular maintenance.

Now that you know how to clean a Nexgrill griddle, it’s important to make this a part of your regular griddle cleaning routine.

Not only will it help keep your grill looking nice and new, but it will also prevent any dangerous build-up of grease or residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need to clean the Nexgrill griddle?

A: Depending on how often you use it, we recommend cleaning it every time you use it.

Q: How can I prevent my nexgrill griddle from sticking?

A: To prevent your nexgrill griddle from sticking, we recommend using a light cooking oil spray before each use. You can also heat the griddle for a few minutes before adding food to help create a non-stick surface.