How to Clean Teflon Griddle—A Guide for Keeping Your Non-stick Griddle Spotless Clean

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I think you know how it feels when you cook and fail to wash the cookware you used. The food coat on the cookware looks

However, for those with non-stick griddles, the Teflon makes the cleaning process much easier.

Teflon Girdle has a non-stick coat that gives room for food to slide hence prevent sticking on the surface of the pan.

In fact, it is the only cookware that a gecko cannot stick on.

Here are some tips on how to clean a Teflon Griddle and leave it looking spic and span.

Clean after General Use.

Here are some guidelines on how to clean your Teflon after every general use and make it look new.

First, you have to ascertain that there is no loose food on the surface of your Teflon griddle.
Wait for the griddle to cool down so that it may not hurt you on touching.

After confirming that it is cool enough to be handled, remove any loose food on the griddle by either using a plastic
spatula or paper towel.

In case the pan is somewhat hot, use a potholder to handle it.

When removing any loose food, take precaution not to use metal utensils as you risk scrubbing off the Teflon layer.

Second, the griddle should be put on your sink only when it is cold. The pan may either fit on the sink or
fail depending on its size and the sink’s size.

When cleaning your Teflon griddle, it would be better if you can spin it as you run warm water on the sink faucet.

It is worth noting that cleaning this pan is much easier when it is warm. However, for your own safety when handling your
griddle, it is recommended to wait until it cools.

Then clean the pan using either a soft nylon scrubber or a paper towel sprinkled with soap to clean the surface of the

Use the washing material to wipe both the inside and outside surface of the pan.

Do not use abrasive pads for cleaning as they might remove the non-stick coat on the pan.

After you are through, dry your pan with the help of a paper towel or dishrag. Then store away for future use.

Make sure there is no Food Residue on Your Teflon Griddle.

Eliminating food residues on the Teflon pan is the second way of cleaning.

In case your pan has an oily layer or some food particles, put a mixture of water and vinegar on the Teflon. The vinegar should make half a cup.

Put the griddle on a source of heat to warm the mixture of water and vinegar for at least five to ten minutes.

As the mixture boils, the oily layer on the griddle rises to the water surface, hence making cleaning easier.

After you are satisfied that the oil layer has been eliminated, put off the source of heat and, with a paper towel, clean
the oily surfaces.

Take care when wiping with the paper towel because the water in the pan is hot and may burn you.

Also, when collecting food residues, it would be better if you use a perforated plastic spoon that drains warm water.

Once done, put your pan in the sink, clean it with a lukewarm water rinse, and leave to dry.

Teflon Griddle that has Burned Food

Here are clear guidelines that will help you clean a griddle with burnt food.

The first step you need to take is to cover the part that has been burnt by food with baking soda.

Put water to the baking soda, and after some hours of soaking, there will be a paste mixture on the pan. Use either a
sponge or nylon scrubber to wipe off the residue.

The food residue should be wiped off with much ease. However, in case certain areas are troubling you, then hopefully you
won’t mind using more pressure.

After these steps, clean your pan on the sink with lukewarm water and either a sponge or nylon scrubber.

Rinse the pan and dry it with the right material, for instance, dishtowel, drying rack, or paper towel. With these three steps, you should be able to clean your Teflon griddle with much ease.