A person places a sirloin steak inside a vacuum sealed bag into a sous vide water bath to cook at 55C.

How to pronounce sous vide

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“Sous vide” is pronounced as |su|-|vid|.

In terms of the IPA pronunciation guide, sous vide is pronounced as /suːˈviːd/.

The “s” is pronounced like a normal s sound, as in the words “sign” and “mass“.

The “u” is pronounced like the u in the word “fruition”.

The syllable “vid” has the same sound as in the word “video”.

If you want a demonstration on how to pronounce sous vide, you may check out this video:

Sous vide is a French term that means “under vacuum”. It is a cooking technique whereby the food is sealed in a plastic bag (or sometimes glass jars) and submerged in a water bath for hours (typically 1 to 7 hours).

Throughout the process, the water temperature is maintained at around 55 to 60 °C (or 130 to 140 °F) for meat. For vegetables, the water temperature is usually higher.

Chefs use the sous vide cooking technique to slowly cook food. The “slowness” of the process ensures that the food is cooked evenly, inside and out. This is true even for food with irregular shapes.

Sous vide also ensures that the food retains most of its moisture. By contrast, other cooking techniques, such as frying or grilling, typically dry out food.

By sealing food in plastic containers, the aroma and moisture are trapped, thereby producing food with all the flavors intact.