Mainstays 20-inch Griddle Review -

Mainstays 20-inch Griddle Review

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Quick Overview






  • Designed to be dishwasher safe for faster clean-up
  • Griddle temps are very accurate
  • Lightweight in design for improved storage and portability
  • Price versus value is very competitive
  • Heats up fast for faster cooking and time efficiency
  • Designed with a large cooking surface


  • Issues with the quality of the non-stick coating
  • Temperature markings wear off easily when used frequently

There are a lot of appliances that can add a lot of versatility to your kitchen…coffee maker, microwave, and perhaps one of the most versatile, the griddle. You can use this to make breakfast or whip up some delicious quesadillas, among many other meals. Because of this versatility, there are a lot of different models that you should look at.

In order to choose the right one for you, you will have to pay attention to a lot of research, and you will have to know what you are looking for when it comes to factors like size, cooking surface, and others. For some, this may be a lot to take in, and they may find themselves becoming less enamored with the idea of those delicious griddle pancakes.

However, even though there are a lot of choices if you really want to find a good griddle, just stick with your hunt. One of the griddles you may run across is the Mainstays 20” griddle. Since this is one of your options, we thought we would look at the features and benefits of this option.



Mainstays 20-inch Griddle

The actual design and build of the griddle is where all the benefits begin. The unit is crafted with high-quality materials, like die-cast aluminum. This allows for it to not only be more cost-effective, but it is durable and lightweight, as well. Not only that, but it makes cleaning up awfully easy, too.

The non-stick coating also plays a role in this capability too! Once done, the plate can be removed and cleaned the old-fashioned way or in a dishwasher. The unit is also made to be used electrically and comes with an easy-to-adjust removable thermostat unit.

In order to offer superior stability, the design team built it with rounded feet. This distributes the weight more evenly and allows for enhanced stability of the unit.

Who is This Griddle for?

When you look at this griddle, it is clear that the person or people who will get the most from investing in this unit are those with large families. The cooking surface alone is enough to prove this point. With a 20” x 10.5” area, you will be able to easily cook large quantities of food.

Along with this, because of the built-in drain for grease, it is also a great option for those looking to be a little more healthy. After all, who doesn’t love bacon? Unfortunately, bacon that has been cooked in a pool of its own grease is far less healthy than bacon that has been cooked on a griddle with just a touch of oil.

What’s Included?

When choosing this griddle from Mainstays, you will receive the following pieces in the box:

  • Griddle plate
  • Main unit
  • Drip tray
  • Temperature control gauge
  • Cord
  • Manual

Overview of Features

This unit has a lot to offer through its designs and the features included in that design. Here are the main features that you can expect with this unit:

  • Plate crafted in die-cast aluminum
  • Finished with a non-stick coating
  • Adjustable removable temperature control unit
  • Cooking plate is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Built-in removable drip tray
  • Rounded foot design
  • Cooking surface – 20” x 10.5”
  • Weight – 4 lbs.

It is crafted to allow for easy use, easy maintenance, and easy clean-up. For a person on the go or with a large family (or anybody when it comes right down to it), these are important factors.

Many griddles suffer from uneven temperatures or a temp gauge that simply is not accurate when used. The Mainstays griddle we are looking at does not have this problem. In fact, it has an excellent temperature control unit that also heats up fast.

The large cooking surface allows for a good serving portion of food to be cooked. Even though this is a larger surfaced griddle, the unit is still lightweight and easy to store given it is constructed with die-cast aluminum.


The non-stick coating is very important when purchasing a good griddle, and though the model we are looking at has a lot of positive attributes, the inconsistency of the coating may worry some. If this is something that you are worried about, then an alternative option is in need. Luckily for you, we have found one of those below.

Bella Grill 2-in-1 Reversible Griddle

Okay, so there are a lot of great things about the unit we have been discussing, but there are a few issues with some of the units’ non-stick coating. There have been reports of uneven or inefficient coverage. This could be a problem and lead to more clean-up than most would like.

Thus, the Bella 2-in-1 is a good option. It has a high-quality and consistent performing non-stick coating. It is also scratch-resistant and free of any chemical contaminants like BPA. On top of that, you will be getting two different appliances for a good price.

With this unit, you will also get a durable unit that has a large cooking surface, like the Mainstays 20”, as well as a wide range of temperature options. These are all reasons why it is such a great alternative to our featured model.

Final Thoughts

In the end, even with the few issues that have come up with the Mainstays 20-inch Griddle (like the uneven application of the non-stick coating and the decals for the temps wearing off), the positive benefits far outweigh the negative.

For what you get value-wise, it is a cost-effective choice and perfect for anyone who needs a large surface grill. If you are looking for that, then the Mainstays 20-inch griddle could be a good choice for you. Hopefully, we have helped make your decision-making process a little less difficult.