PK360 Grill and Smoker Review -

PK360 Grill and Smoker Review

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Quick Overview






  • Innovative and efficient design
  • Multiple vents for multiple cooking methods
  • Great interior size to cook large amounts of food
  • Comfortable cooking height
  • Strong material ensures long life


  • Awkward layout of hooks and shelving makes it difficult to clean
  • Smaller design makes it ill-equipped for cooking larger meals
  • Small wheels, making it hard to wheel around

The PK360 Grill is an excellent combination of grill and smoker that many people swear by. PK Grills is a company that has been going for quite some time now, and it is well-known for its grills and other outdoor cooking accessories.

The PK360 is one of their more popular grills and is, in fact, their flagship product. Visually striking and unlike any other grill in design, the PK360 is an excellent product that boasts a unique design that remains incredibly effective. Its innovative design displays a lot of thought that went into each detail.

We’ll be covering this impressive design within this review, so if you are interested, read on!


PK360 Grill and Smoker

The PK360 Grill is a grill and smoker combo that uses charcoal. It was first designed as an innovative grill and smoker that ensured an efficient cooking method that evenly cooks all meat and veggies throughout the capsule-like container. In the four years since its release, it hasn’t been through many changes, because the PK360 is an evolution of the Original PK Grill. Since its release, the brand has sold thousands of PK360s.

Who is PK360 Grill and Smoker for?

As a grill and smoker, this product is obviously meant for anyone who wants to take part in the age-old outdoor cooking method on a charcoal fire. With an incredibly innovative design, this product is perfect for anyone looking for something to cook their meats and veggies evenly and efficiently. This is a grill and smoker for any grilling enthusiast!

What’s Included?

Purchasing the PK360 Grill gets you the grill itself, though disassembled, as well as an instructional manual for putting it together. It comes with a warranty and legal documents, and finally, there is a pamphlet of sorts that explains some ways you can use the PK360 Grill.

Overview of Features

As we stated before, the PK360 has an innovative design that boasts quite a few features that many who get this grill fall in love with. According to many reviews, the PK360 is a smoker and grill that is “the perfect grill”.

Listing some of the features that separate this grill from other grills on their website, the PK360 is an evolution of the Original PK Grill. Here are some of the differences.

Instead of the original sliding vents that the original grill had, the PK360 has radial vents that are much easier to open and close. They also allow for more precise ventilation for cooking more evenly and perfectly.

The ventilation system is one of the more prominent features of the PK360. With four different vents, you can control the flow of heat by creating zones of directed airflow. This allows you to grill both directly and indirectly, meaning you can cook directly over the coals, as is most commonly done, or by creating different heat zones that travel from one zone to another to cook more slowly.

The PK360 is also larger than the previous model in almost all dimensions. It’s taller, at about 49.2 inches tall without the additional shelving, and it stands 54.2 inches tall with all attachments. This makes it very comfortable, as it stands at an average working height. It also features a larger working area, with the cooking surface being 360 square inches by 310 square inches, making it fit for a large amount of food.

The overall volume of the grilling and smoking capsule and headroom is a sizable 5,374 cubic inches by 4,080 cubic inches, allowing you to fit some of the more massive hunks of meat, such as a whole turkey!

The PK360 has a handy cylindrical air intake located at the bottom of the capsule, which allows the capsule to take in air as the smoke is ejected out the top. It also has the added benefit of catching falling ash, making cleanup much less of a hassle.

This item features a Tel-Tru thermometer, one of the more accurate thermometers on the market today. Most of the grill is made of durable aluminum, ensuring that it doesn’t rust or suffer damage too quickly while still transferring heat efficiently.

The final visual design is unique and quite eye-catching. As they put on their website, it “combines a classic look with a contemporary touch”, and there’s no denying the exciting design that has been compared to the look of the planet Saturn.

We aren’t a fan of some of this product’s design concepts, but they are all minor issues. The wheels are relatively small, making it difficult to wheel around, and the bottom half of the capsule can be difficult to clean. The hooks and side tables can be awkward to use, too, as they are set in weird positions to reach when cooking.

How to Assemble PK360 Grill and Smoker

Here is a short video by PK Grills on how to assemble the PK360 Grill: 


The main issue with the PK360 is the smaller size of the cooking capsule. You can comfortably cook a turkey, rack of ribs, or brisket, but not for a large group. For this reason, we would recommend any grill or smoker that is larger should you want the size over the fantastic quality the ingenious ventilation system offers.


The PK360 is an amazingly designed grill that features PK Grills’ most innovative designs and ideas culminated into one item. It brings efficiency and aesthetics together, with its ingenious ventilation system allowing you to grill and smoke your meats and veggies in two different ways.

You can smoke directly over the coals or indirectly by channeling the smoke and heat with the four different vents. If you are in the market for a nice grill that cooks your food to a sublime standard, you can trust that the PK360 will deliver excellent service!