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Ways to Cook Sausage on a Griddle

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Has it reached into your mind which cookware is best for cooking sausage? Have you been wishing for a perfect sausage? Have you ever tried it on the griddle?

If you are interested in finding the answers, this guide is definitely for you. Here, you are going to explore different ways how to cook sausage on a griddle.  

But before we get into cooking, let’s have a brief about sausage. Sausage has been a staple ingredient in many cuisines; it has various types, like smoked sausage, chorizo, saucisson, and etc.

It’s been long served from breakfast to dinner, made by home cooks or professional gourmet.

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Benefits of Using a Griddle

My preference of choosing the griddle as cookware is not only bound to its flat non-sticky spacious surface, but also its suitability for outdoor and indoor application.  You should look into its worth in preparing delicious food, preserving the taste, and giving off vibrant color to the dish.

Unlike the skillet, its rectangular shape with no side makes it easier to flip pancakes, quesadilla, French toast and especially sausages. Compared to grill, food is less charred or burned and the heat is easy to control, plus it’s practically easy to clean after every use.

Variety of Sausages

There is a wide variety of sausages across the world. It’s one of the long-lived European meat dishes served from common houses to high-end restaurants.

It ranges from British bangers, Vienna sausage, Italian spicy sausage, Poland’s smoke sausage, and many more.

But what I’m about to relay to you are 5 common sausages that are easy to prepare in all types of feast. 


The first in the list is kielbasa or also known as smoked sausage. It is best cooked sautéed, and it easy to flip because of its unique horseshoe shape. It is best served with European style side dishes, like braised cabbage or boiled potatoes. It also works perfectly with buns or in soups.


Next is bratwurst, bratwurst or brats for short. It’s conventionally made of pork and veil, seasoned with salt, paper, nutmeg, and sometimes ginger and garlic. It is better when sizzled at extremely high temperatures. 

Italian Sausage

Third on the list is the Italian sausage. It comes with two types—hot and sweet. This is typically made of pork seasoned with spices. I always go in for the hot and spicy Italian sausage sautéed and rolled on bread with onions or served with pasta. Try it, its ala monde.


Next is andouille, another smoked sausage originally from France, but famously known in Cajun cuisine. It has been used as a key ingredient in many recipes. Andouille is best served as snacks but can also be sliced and tossed into your dish.


I reserved the last spot for the best. Chorizo, my personal favorite. It’s easy to cook and can be blended with any dish. It has a hint of sweet and spicy flavor and can be served as breakfast, lunch, or diner and even snacks. Chorizo has a timeless flavor you can’t possibly resist.

Cooking Sausage on a Griddle

Cooking sausages on a griddle can be messy work. If not observed properly, it will lead to a charred exterior and raw sausage interior, or else, the meat would leak out from its casing which we don’t want to happen.

So, let’s explore the secrets of how to cook sausage on a griddle effortlessly. Check out below the common mistakes we make when we cook sausages.

  • Dripping them dry out of juice, and it’s a big no for everybody. It leaves you a dry and unsavory meat. 
  • We rush the cooking process. It is an eternal truth that waiting is the hardest part of cooking, so be patient on this manual on how to cook sausage on a griddle.
  • Flipping or rolling too much, before I learn the benefit of waiting, I constantly flip my sausage hoping it is the better way. Just to learn the fact that it only slows the process and can result in undercooked food.

There are several ways on how to cook sausage on a griddle. Just follow these simple ways and you’re one step closer in serving a perfect sausage recipe.


Utilize one side of the griddle. Put water in a pot and place the pot on one side of the griddle in a high heat. Put some sausages on the pot and let boil. Remove the sausage when the outside it is cooked but not entirely ready.


Boiling sausage would give it a grey and dull color. Alternatively, you can choose to sauté it whole, cut in half or slice into pieces or chunks. It’s totally up to you. Grease the griddle with a spoon of cooking oil and set to medium heat. This would prevent the sausage from sticking on the surface.  

Remember that the sausage is already cooked, so you don’t have to sear it for long or it will be burned. What you need is to add some color and crisp.  Remove the sausage before its juice dry out, and viola, you’ve got yourself a perfect sausage.

I prefer cooking my sausage in a sizzling way, unlike boiling, sautéing preserves the mouth-watering taste of the meat. Though it takes more time of waiting and effort of flipping, it’s worth it.

It takes ten to fifteen minutes to cook a sausage in low to medium heat, but with a spacious surface, you can cook a whole bunch of sausage in one swoop.

Sizzling the sausage brings out a bright brown crispy crust, and juicy flavorful filling, perfect for sandwiches or with rice, and that my friend is how to cook a sausage on a griddle.


Sausages come in many varieties. It can be prepared in many ways, sliced and tossed into sandwiches, pizza, pasta or just eat them straight away. To cook a perfect sausage on a griddle, always avoid frequently made mistakes, and remember patience is a virtue. Learn to wait and polish the skill on how to cook sausage on a griddle.