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What Can You Cook On A Griddle Pan

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One of the fantastic kitchen tools is the griddles. A griddle features a flat surface enabling you to scorch veggies and sear meats. Surprisingly, compared to a traditional skillet or frying pan, this kitchenware produces healthier foods.

You can cook different dishes using a griddle. It can be used for preparing cheese sandwiches, pancakes, seafood, sausages, burgers, and many more.

If you are asking “What can you cook on a griddle pan?” you are in the right place. Here, we asked different cooks to share their recipes that can be cooked on a griddle pan. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Foods to Cook on a Griddle Pan

As mentioned, there are endless recipes that you can prepare using a griddle pan. This kitchenware allows you to prepare dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The following are some of the delicious foods that can be prepared on a griddle pan.

  • Steaks

How amazing it is! A simple griddle pan can help you to prepare your favorite steaks. Compared to frying on a BBQ, skillet, or frying pan, streaks can be juicier and more sumptuous when cooked on a griddle pan.

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  • Burgers

This is a surprising feature of a griddle pan for burger lovers. Yes, you can prepare burgers on a griddle pan. This is the reason most restaurants considered this as their holy grail in the kitchen. According to the chefs we asked, they love to use griddles on cooking burgers since it creates a juicier burger taste.

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  • Grilled Cheeses

If you are the type of person who is more on a light snack or a quick lunch, you might consider purchasing a griddle pan. Another delicious dish you can prepare on this kitchenware is grilled cheese. This dish is easy to prepare. You only need to place a thin layer of cheese between your favorite loaf of bread, place it on the griddle pan, and wait for a few minutes until the cheese is melted.

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  • Sausages

A griddle helps you to prepare your breakfast. Whether you love mushrooms, tomatoes, or sausages, preparing these on a griddle pan can be just a piece-of-a-cake.

  • Hash Browns

This is another breakfast recipe that can be prepared using a griddle pan. You can try it along with some fried hotdogs and eggs.

  • Eggs

One of the easiest meals you can prepare on a griddle pan are fried eggs. This is the perfect kitchenware you should have if you love eating eggs for your breakfast. You can create a perfect omelet on a griddle pan. But according to the cooks we interviewed, this is not the best kitchen equipment to cook a scrambled egg.

  • Pancakes

A perfect breakfast meal to make your day the best. Preheat the griddle pan before pouring your pancake batter.

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How to Cook on a Griddle

A griddle can prepare a wide range of meals. You can use it for cooking seafood, veggies, and meats. This is popular kitchenware for preparing eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Besides, this can also be used for cooking juicy sausages and sumptuous burgers.

The following are the steps you need to follow when preparing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a griddle pan.

  • Pre-seasoning

No matter what model or brand your griddle pan is, pre-seasoning a griddle pan is important before you put any veggies or meats on it. When we say pre-seasoning, it is a process of putting a small amount of oil onto its surface. This process is being done to prevent meat or vegetables from sticking. Additionally, it is an essential process that needs to be done every time you will use it as it protects the kitchenware from the accumulation of rust.

  • Start Cooking

Before you place a vegetable or meat onto the surface, make sure to wait for the pan until it is heated. You only need to wait for a few minutes until the food is already grilled. Also, don’t forget to flip the vegetables and meat frequently to avoid sticking and burning.

  • Clean Your Griddle

Cleaning your griddle is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider after you use the kitchenware. Remove the black residue or burnt food from the surface. Use hot water for rinsing. Make sure to dry it with a clean towel.

  • Season Your Griddle Pan

Seasoning your griddle pan is the last step you need to do before storing it. This is a process of preparing the griddle pan for the next use. Also, seasoning helps in maintaining its shape.

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To season, you need to put a small amount of oil onto the surface, cover it, and heat it. The oil also acts as the protector of the griddle’s surface from rust.

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As mentioned, using a griddle pan can help you to absorb the nutrients and minerals from the meal you prepare. Some people think that griddling is the same as frying while it is not.

There is a huge difference between grilling and frying. In griddling, you only need a little amount of oil to start cooking. On the other hand, frying requires you to use a medium amount of oil to ensure that the meal is well-cooked.

We recommend you to use avocado oil or olive oil instead of ordinary oil. This type of oil will prevent your body from absorbing saturated fats. Instead of using a frying pan to prepare your foods, why not consider using a griddle pan.

This helps you to prepare foods without using too much oil. The amount of oil you need to use will always depend on the type of food you want to prepare. But this does not matter that much, since a griddle pan only uses a little amount of oil to start griddling.

The number of delicious foods you can prepare on a griddle pan is endless. You can cook cheese sandwiches, pancakes, sausages, and burgers on it. Before you put anything on its flat surface, make sure to pre-season it. Don’t forget to clean and season it again after griddling.