What is a slotted spoon

What is a Slotted Spoon, is it Essential in the Kitchen?

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Do you know what is a slotted spoon and why it is so essential in the kitchen? If not, you are definitely missing out!

A slotted spoon is a utensil that has slots or holes in the bowl of the spoon. This allows liquids and particles to pass through while retaining the solids.

They are perfect for stirring sauces and gravies, as well as removing food from boiling water or oil. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of slotted spoons, as well as their various uses. We will also show you how to use a slotted spoon properly so that you can get the most out of this handy kitchen tool!

Have you ever seen spoons with holes? I’m guessing you have. The slotted spoon is a popular utensil found in almost every kitchen. Despite the fact that we take these common objects for granted, wouldn’t it be interesting to understand why someone created a spoon that couldn’t hold liquids at all?

What is a slotted spoon

Exactly what is a slotted spoon, and why should you care? Although the term may be unfamiliar, the spoon should not be. Anybody who has ever used kitchenware has seen one of these spoons before, and perhaps even used them. I’ll clue you in. These spoons, as the name implies, have holes in them.

By letting the liquid seep through the slots and return to the cooking pot, you may use a slotted spoon to remove solid food from the residual liquid. These spoons have openings in them so that cooking is easier and less hazardous.

This spoon was originally designed to prevent chefs from burning themselves on hot oil by separating boiling oil from fried food. It has a long handle with holes in it, allowing the cook to separate solid foods from hot oil or sugar syrup from a protective distance while still managing to tend to the hot food. The spoon works like a sieve, sorting out solids from hot oil or sugar syrup.

Origin of the Slotted Spoon

The first spoon of this type was produced specifically for preparing an extremely alcoholic and hallucinogenic beverage known as absinthe during the 1700s. Unlike modern absinthe, which is almost 90% stronger, the ancient version of this drink was nearly 90% more potent.

A slotted spoon was named a green fairy’s or absinthe spoon and was used to hold sugar cubes while the alcoholic liquid is poured on top to add flavor to the drink.

Uses of Slotted Spoon

What is a slotted spoon
  • It aids in the removal of fried items from boiling oil, such as fried chicken, French fries, chips, snacks, sausages, and other foods.
  • This spoon is ideal for extracting canned goods from sugar syrup, ice cubes from beverages, and other ingredients from sauces.
  • A strainer is a tool that you’ll need to use if you want to remove noodles and pasta from boiling water.
  • The strainer’s major function is to remove veggies from the liquid in which they are simmering.
  • Best for serving large pieces on a plate.
  • Apart from delicate foods like eggs, slotted spoons are useful for removing and draining tiny or fragile items from boiling water, hot oil, or sauce.

The first things we noticed were the distinctions between handles. Long handles kept our fingers away from the heat, which was a plus. We also liked rounded handles rather than flat ones, and we liked handles without dedicated grips, limiting our holding possibilities.

Despite the variety in perforation locations, sizes, and configurations, all the spoons efficiently filtered water, oil, and sauce. While we preferred spoons with greater capacity overall, the depth and form of the bowl were more important than volume. Shallow bowls slid beneath food easily vs. deep ones, and broad bowls kept jumbo shrimp in place better. The spoon’s composition had contrasting advantages.

What is a slotted spoon

Silicone and Nylon and slotted spoons are lighter than the stainless-steel versions, making them simpler to use for lengthy periods. Silicone spoons are easy to grasp, yet their adhesive surface makes it challenging for them to sit level in pans. Pans and saucepans with nylon or silicone utensils were thicker, making it more difficult to lift foods into them. Instead of moving the slippery shrimp and meatballs around, these spoons tended to push them around instead. Metal spoons were more durable, and stainless steel spoons were heavier and had significantly smaller bowl edges, making it simpler to place them beneath the meals. Metal spoons were also more robust.

The spoon bowl made a significant difference whenever I had to scoop up slippery stuff or gather little things because it gave me more surface area. Even with the changes in slot size and configuration, removing meatballs from tomato sauce was simple.

Types of Slotted Spoon

What is a slotted spoon
What is a slotted spoon?

Slotted spoons come in two varieties: one for use in the kitchen and the other for decorative dining. Slotted spoon designs are very beautiful, making each individual one unique. This sort of serving spoon may be used at the dining table for smaller portions. Larger ladles with larger capacities are frequently employed to remove big pieces of food from the stovetop.


Because stainless steel spoons with slots are so simple to clean, they prevent germs and bacteria from thriving in their holes. Steel, plastic, wood, or Teflon spoons are available. Plastic spoons are light-weighted, long-lasting, heat-resistant, and dishwasher safe. If properly maintained over time, wooden spoons will last a long time and require little maintenance. They should never be put in the dishwasher or they will get destroyed.

We recommend Zulay Stainless steel Slotted Spoon – Perfect to lift out poached eggs – allowing them to drain incredibly well. The handle has an ergonomic placement, which makes flipping wonderfully easy!

What is a slotted spoon

Final thought: Slotted spoons may not be required for every meal, but they are extremely useful when they are! They’re a quick and safe method to remove and drain any unwanted hot liquid from your food. They’re an important tool in the kitchen since they efficiently avoid your hands from burning oils, boiling water, or other cuisine components while also removing any surplus liquid. So now you know what is a slotted spoon and what these spoons can do, go ahead and grab one for your kitchen!

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