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What is the Best Temperature to Cook Hamburgers at on a Griddle

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Answer: According to the US Department of Agriculture, the suggested temperature for cooking ground beef, which is what hamburgers are made of, is 160°F.

America hails hamburgers as their national dish because simply it’s everyone’s favorite. The majority of fast-food chains in cities display burgers on their menu.

It might be quite odd but ham is not the major ingredient of hamburgers. Seasoned ground beef is the core of this hearty meal.

Hamburgers are globally adapted through the cook’s cuisine perspective. However, the process of preparing this savory food can be tricky but of course, it can be manageable if earnestly pursued.

Check out the tips as well as the best temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle below.

The Ideal Temperature for Hamburgers

A real hamburger maker knows the best temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle. Medium-high heat is the ideal grilling temperature you should observe when planning to cook a hamburger.

You’ll just need to operate the temperature controller to 375 to 400°F and standby until the patty sizzles.

With griddles, you don’t have to monitor the heat level of any fuel like charcoal, briquettes, or lumpwood through the grill thermometer because latest electric griddles consist of heat control knobs. 

1.  Homemade Burger Patties

Price difference between commercial ground beef and home-ground patties is appreciable. You know a meat grinder is a necessary kitchen investment if you want to cut your food preparation expenses.

At the same time, if you’re the one who will buy the meat, you’ll be able to pick a combination of cuts to make a savory burger patty.

E.coli contamination is possible in market meat counters. If you decide to grind the meat yourself, you’ll get security with the food you prepare. 

It is best to season the ground beef not long after it was processed in the meat grinder. This way, you can steer clear of pathogens that could risk the health of the consumers of the food. 

2. Beef Bought in Groceries

Ground beef available in the frozen section of malls is already exposed to the environment subsequently allowing airborne microbes to penetrate. 

You can’t confidently say that the ground beef you purchased in the grocery is safe. When cooking for the family, it’s better to be prudent and sure thing is that, you won’t feel sorry later.

Besides it being laid bare in the frozen counters, you aren’t sure about what kind of slaughterhouse it came from. 

Anyway, if you opt to not bother grinding it yourself, you should at least observe the prescribed griddle temperature for grocery ground beef.

You need to achieve 160°F in your griddle temperature controller to ensure that it is safe to ingest. 

Temperature According to Doneness of Meat

The meter of the meat’s tenderness, flavor, and consistency is what we call the doneness of the meat. While there are people who like it better when seared, some would prefer it the other way—underdone or worst, raw. 

1.  Rare

This is an outrageous pick when it comes to the doneness of the hamburger. This doesn’t consider the process of searing the meat which is proven to annihilate pathogens residing in the ground beef.

When you consume rare hamburger, you are making yourself vulnerable to some illness-causing bacteria.

The temperature for rare hamburgers is 120-125°F branding a pink meat. This is accompanied with spices and herbs to neutralize the blood-like taste. The nonvolatile substances bring out the rich flavor of the rare hamburger. 

Many restaurants underline this in their menus. No matter what this pink meat is all about, eating raw meat can cause terminal illnesses. 

2. Medium Rare 

Many would hesitate upon hearing medium-rare ground beef but it’s actually existing in menus of burger stores.

It is true that ground beef is highly susceptible to bacteria because it doesn’t have an external surface. The bacteria could creep inside the patty especially when undercooked.

Partially sterilizing the ground meat through the method of pasteurization could help in extending the meat’s validity and killing the present pathogens.

After then, you can bake your burger until the internal temperature reaches 266 to 275°F.

It will only take four minutes to prepare a medium rare burger but it’s really easy and exceptionally tasty at the same time. 

3. Medium Well

If you want your hamburger done medium well, you can try grilling one side for three minutes. Flip it to the other side and wait for another six minutes.

Though this is generally relatable because hamburgers vary in thickness, consistent heat degree is one key towards achieving your desired doneness of the hamburger. 

The internal temperature should be 145°F which is below the standard but many love their hamburger to be medium well. So far, there are least or no cases to validate this claim in food safety.

This could be the best temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle if you’re insisting to eat the coarse hamburger. 

4. Well-Done

USDA suggested that the standard temperature for ground beef is 160°F. At this temperature, your hamburger is safe to eat. This is absolutely the best temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle.

The doneness of the ground beef significantly reckons on the liking of the consumer but having it well done is a safe preference.

With well-done hamburgers, you can be sure that the microbes lingering in the ground beef are totally destroyed in the grilling phase.

Salmonella and E.coli are most likely to develop in not thoroughly cooked hamburgers. These types of bacteria trigger diarrhea that can make you suffer from severe dehydration.

Why Use Griddle to Cook Hamburgers?

Now that you know at what temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle, you may be wondering why use a griddle in the first place.

Classic burger patties are best cooked and griddles. Flipping through the plain or ridged surface of griddles is better than using the backyard griller. The seasoning might escape through the gaps of the griller but that is not the case for griddles!

Griddle is a multicooker tool you can purchase for convenience. Griddles can be fastened in the countertop range or even in the ovens.

You can also pick commercial electric griddles that you can locate in the home kitchen and even outdoors if you want to enjoy a burger party with the family.

Hamburgers are great with griddles. Their compatibility is the same with the bread and the toaster. You can never go wrong if you sear your hamburger in your home griddle!


No matter how you want your hamburger done, it is important to contemplate on your health first. Sometimes, our dauntless character in trying different food would lead to a compromised personal health.

The best temperature to cook hamburgers on a griddle is definitely up to you but don’t forget about the risks and health threats.

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