Hello there! My name is Leanna Kinsley and I’m the writer behind The Cookware Expert.

I live with my family in Boulder, Colorado, where I work as a part-time chef and full-time mom. I enjoy nature photography, hiking, and of course cooking!

I am always on the lookout for the next great cookware. At present, I am researching ways to maximize the use of griddles. As an outdoor enthusiast, outdoor griddles are my best friend. It’s surprising how versatile griddles are and how wonderful the food tastes. I want to discover new recipes and uses for griddles and help people make full use of this handy cookware.

This is how The Cookware Expert came to be. In the future, of course, I plan to expand to researching other cooking tools. So watch out for that.

If you want to suggest any cookware for review or recipes, please feel free to contact me.