Sizzle-Q Griddle Review

Sizzle-Q Griddle Review

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Quick Overview






  • Heavy-gauge stainless construction
  • Portable
  • Over 200 square inch cooking surface
  • Lightweight
  • High sidewalls
  • Universal sized


  • Susceptible to rust if not cared for properly

A healthy appetite, refined palette, excellent cooking skills, and of course the right cooking equipment is all you need to turn any meal into a feast. You don’t need to enroll in cooking classes or train as a chef to churn out a mouth-watering meal. If your cooking skills are on point, then you only need the proper cookware, and you’re off to a flying start.

A griddle is on the list of must-have cookware if you’re looking to turn out delicious meals without breaking a sweat. With a griddle, you get to add sizzling steaks, pancakes, and just about any other grilled foodstuff to your menu. Best of all, you don’t have to splurge to get a skillet as some of them are quite affordable.

The Sizzle-Q universal griddle lets you enjoy all the benefits of having a skillet without incurring the high cost of getting a high-end model. Read on with this Sizzle-Q griddle Review to get a feel of how it can improve your cooking experience.


Sizzle-Q Griddle Review

One of the best uses of stainless-steel cookware is to sear meats or make foods that can benefit from a crispy finish, such as poultry. Since steel has excellent heat distribution, it makes an excellent cooking medium. The Sizzle-Q griddle lives up to this description up to a ‘T’. It’s made of heavy gauge stainless steel to provide you with an excellent cooking surface for all the food items you wish to cook.

This portable griddle fits on any cooking surface you might have going. It will fit snugly into your traditional grill whether it’s gas or charcoal heated. You can even place it over your gas stove or electric cooker. Since it weighs a mere 9 pounds, you can use it just about anywhere you wish. You can take it with you during camping trips or even to the backyard when throwing a Sunday barbecue.

Who is This Griddle Meant For?

The Sizzle-Q griddle is the perfect fit for anyone who appreciates good food or is looking to expand their culinary experience. The steel skillet is designed to complement your traditional grill by increasing your cooking options. It comes with a flat cooking surface, which increases the range of foods you can make on your grill.

The Sizzle-Q is the perfect cookware for anyone looking to extend their barbecue menu beyond steaks and grilled burgers. Now you can cook a full breakfast on your traditional grill. The griddle is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s your backyard or on a camping trip.

Unboxing the Sizzle-Q SQ180

The Sizzle-Q measures 13-inches wide, 18-inches long, and stands 3-inches high. It weighs 9 pounds, with a shipping weight of 9.85. It’s a standalone item with no additional accessories.



The sizzle-Q griddle is made of 14-gauge stainless steel, which gives it a solid feel. The sturdy composition creates durable cookware that will last for many years. With proper care and maintenance, steel griddles can be handed down several generations.

Excellent cooking surface

Intelligent engineering complements the solid steel construction, resulting in reliable cookware. The underside of the griddle is cross-braced for additional strength and to keep it firm and rigid.

Excellent heat distribution

Ventilated construction improves the airflow around the griddle’s cooking surface to complement the steel’s natural heating abilities. This results in an efficient cooking surface that’s devoid of troublesome hotspots.

High heat capacity

The griddle can withstand high heat, up to 600 degrees, to let you cook just about any food item that strikes your fancy. The high heat capacity not only reduces cooking times but also enables you to achieve a charred or seared look on meat quickly. It lets you grow your home menu to include grilled cheese sandwiches, steak, bacon, fajitas, omelets, and more.

Universal sized

The Sizzle-Q’s design will work with most makes and models of traditional charcoal or gas grills. Customer testimonies indicate that the griddle works perfectly on any stovetop that you may have in the home – both gas and electric.

Large cooking surface

The Sizzle-Q boasts over 200 square inches of cooking surface to let you prepare large meals at the same time. It lets you get more done in the shortest time so you can enjoy the feast as well.

Grease drain

A full-length grease drain keeps excess oils away from your food to let you churn out a healthy meal. Keeping the excess grease from the hot cooking surface means no flare-ups as you cook up a feast.

Enhanced safety

The griddle comes with a high sidewall to keep food from falling off and disappearing through the slits on the grill. Or food falling off the cooking surface and creating a mess. It also means that you don’t have to deal with splatters on the floor after each cooking session.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the griddle is easy since the entire skillet is made of stainless steel. Warm water and mild dishwashing detergent are all that’s need to keep the skillet clean and sparkling.



If you don’t have a grill and are looking to have the best of both worlds, you can opt for the Legend cast iron reversible grill and griddle. This 2-in-1 griddle provides you with a 200 square inch cooking surface and will last you a lifetime. It works with all heat sources, including electric burners and open fires. It’s at home in the kitchen or deep in the wilderness. A cast-iron skillet brings with it more than a century of trusted cooking experience.

The Verdict

From this Sizzle-Q griddle review you can tell it’s the perfect cookware when you need to expand your culinary horizons. The sturdy stainless griddle is a once in lifetime purchase, and it’s likely to outlive you. It boasts a large cooking surface to let you cook up a feast for a large family or gathering in no time. The griddle is well-engineered to maximize heating and cooking efficiency while keeping you safe from flareups.