Griddle in Oven

Can You Put a Griddle Pan in the Oven?

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A lot of people are now investing in a good and high quality griddle that are known for its various uses.  Believe it or not, griddles are one of the most appreciated gifts for weddings and house-warming. Who would not want a griddle as a gift right?

You can use it for cooking pancakes, bacon and eggs. Griddles can also be a convenient indoor version for grilling. Of course, this is not where the wonders of griddles stop.

Did you know that you can also put a griddle pan in the oven? Yes, aside from hearty breakfast and some grilled goodies, griddles can also do their work inside the oven.

Are you thinking of other ways to maximize the use of your griddle pan? Here, we want you to learn more about the other ways on how to use it in its full potential.

Just make sure to buy a good quality cast iron griddle. Also, don’t forget to season it properly so that it will not affect and ruin the taste of the food that you will be cooking in it.

Read on as we share with you the tips on how to check if your griddle pans are safe for oven use, how to season a griddle pan for oven use and what are the uses of a griddle pan in the oven.

How to Check if your Griddle Pans are Safe for Oven Use

Not all griddles can be used in any type of stove top like ceramic, electric, gas and induction. Cast iron griddles are considered as one of the best types of griddle pan because it can be used in any different stove tops plus it can also be used inside the oven. Check if your griddles are oven proof through these helpful tips.

  • Make sure that the handles and all parts of the griddle are all metal.
  • Look for the safety symbol or safety text under the griddle pan. Sometimes it is indicated how high the temperature the griddle pans can handle.
  • Make sure to read the manual or guidelines by the manufacturer.
  • Conduct research on the materials used in the griddle construction to check if it is truly ovenproof.
  • Check if there are rubber gaskets or seals in the griddle. If there is then it is not oven safe.

How to Season a Griddle Pan for Oven Use

Seasoning a griddle pan may be an alien term to you but don’t fret this task is very simple. After having your own cast iron griddle, you want to make sure that you do not skip this process of seasoning. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that we form a protective coating for the griddle pan. Do not skip the seasoning process for griddles. This will make sure that your griddle will be at its best condition even after years of use. Follow the steps below to season your griddle pan for oven use.

1. If you want to season a griddle, the first step is to get rid of its wax coating. Remember that once you remove the wax coating, the shiny brand new look of your griddle will also be gone.

Get your griddle, dish scrub and dish soap.

2. Scrub the griddle pan with a dish scrub using the dish soap. Scrub the griddle until the shiny coating of the pan is gone. Do not pat dry the griddle, just set it aside.

3. Turn your stove into high heat. Get your wet griddle and place it on top of the stove. If you see balls of water sizzling on the griddle, just wait for it to disappear. Wait for the griddle to be completely dry and set it aside.

4. Once the griddle has cooled down, get any kind of preferred cooking oil and pour a thin layer of it in the griddle. Make sure that every surface of the griddle is covered with oil.

5. Get some paper towels and pat dry the excess oil from the griddle. Do it until you feel that there is just a perfect thin layer of oil left on the griddle.

6. Preheat your oven for about one minute with the temperature of 200 degree Celsius. Get your griddle and put it in the one for one hour. After one hour, set aside the griddle to cook for two hours.

7. Process four to six shall be repeated until your griddle turns completely black in colour.

8. Once you have achieved a black griddle, you are good to go. You can now use it inside the oven. Make sure to clean it with just a little water and soap. Do not wash it directly with pouring water because it will lose its protective coating.

Uses of a Griddle Pan in the Oven

Griddles are mostly famous for its indoor grilling uses but you can also maximize its use in the oven. It is really helpful in warming, baking and cooking food because of its large surface.

Cooking inside the oven will also give you an even distribution of heat plus your seasoned griddles will also ensure you that the food will not stick into it. Here are some of the ways on how you can use your griddle pans inside the oven.

  • Griddles inside the oven are best for cooking fish. Unlike cooking it on a high flame on top of a stove, inside the oven you can make sure that temperature is controlled. It will cook the fish just enough without it being too charred.
  • You can cook a variety of vegetable side dishes using griddles. No need to clean a lot of pans when you are stir frying some vegetables. All you have to do is toss it in the griddle and put it inside the oven.
  • You can also enjoy a crispy homemade pizza straight from your griddle in the oven. The grill marks can also add to the texture of the crust that you will surely enjoy with your family.

Oven cooked steak and hamburgers will also be an easy delight for you. Griddles will make sure that it is cooked to perfection with the addition of professional-looking grill marks