Royal Gourmet Griddle

How to Clean Royal Gourmet Griddle

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If you’ve got a Royal Gourmet griddle, then you know how important it is to keep it clean. A dirty griddle can lead to all sorts of problems- from decreased performance to dangerous bacteria growth. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps for cleaning your Royal Gourmet griddle. So follow along and get that griddle clean in no time!

Cleaning and Maintenance of Royal Gourmet Griddle

Your new griddle has been built to stringent quality standards and is suitable for both commercial and home usage. It will give you many years of enjoyment as a griller, but it will only require a modest amount of maintenance. It is advisable to clean your griddle after each use. And, if you are using a bristle brush to clean any of the griddle cooking surfaces, make sure no loose bristles remain on the cooking surfaces before grilling. There are bristle-free brushes available in the market.

Make sure to read the manuals and learn how to cook with a royal gourmet griddle and how to clean it before using it.


  1. Allow the griddle to cool before you begin to clean.
  2. Do not use your self-cleaning oven to clean any part of your griddle.
  3. Oven cleaners, abrasive kitchen cleaners, cleaners that include citrus chemicals, and mineral spirits should never be used.
  4. To avoid grease build-up, grease fires, and/or excessive flare-ups, clean your royal gourmet grill griddle on a regular basis.

NOTE: Grease is combustible. Before you touch any hot grease, wait for it to cool down. To prevent grease deposits from accumulating in the firebox’s bottom, avoid allowing them to accumulate there in the first place.


Scraping and wiping down the cooking griddle with a paper towel or damp soft cloth can usually clean up some foods. To remove stubborn food residue, you’ll need oil, a mild cream cleaner, and a pad. Soap water, paper towel, and some table salt may also be used as disinfectants to clean your griddle. After washing it well, use a dry hand towel to dry it completely.

Royal gourmet griddle


Clean using a soft cloth and an all-purpose, low-abrasion metal or stainless steel polish. Polish in the direction of the desired finish. Allow grease and dirt to build up rather than accumulate them. Additionally, several chemicals and naturally occurring elements may harm stainless steel. An example is swimming pool chemicals – bromine and chlorine, ice-melting products, lawn and garden fertilizers, sea or other salty water, urine, bird droppings, and tree sap are all examples of this. Avoid contact with these chemicals in order to avoid burns. In the unlikely event that it occurs maybe for not storing properly, rinse and dry the stainless-steel surface.


Wipe down the surface with a clean, mild detergent and warm water. You can use a soft brush (non-metallic), or a cleaning pad made of plastic or rubber. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

To eliminate food debris from the grill easily, or for intense cleaning, you can use the royal gourmet griddle cleaning brush and scraper. it has intense cleaning power with an effortless handle and dense wire bristles, This grill cleaning brush with a sturdy scraper quickly takes away build-up and is ideal for removing burnt-on food with ease.


When cleaning your burner, it’s best not to use soapy water or other corrosive cleaning chemicals, like oven cleaner or detergent. Take out the burner guards and soak them in warm water; then wipe them down with a sponge. Once cleaned, using a clean towel, wipe them dry after they’ve been dried.

We recommend cleaning your burners at least three times a year, or before using them if your royal gourmet griddle has been unused for more than one month.


After each usage, check for any build-up. When the grease cup is half full, remove it and wash it in warm water with mild dishwashing detergent.


The burner tubes may be invaded by tiny creatures like ants and spiders. They may establish nests or make webs that obstruct or limit the amount of gas flowing through the burner. When this occurs, you will typically observe a reduced flame or one that is mostly yellow rather than blue, coming from the burner. Other signals include an uneven griddle producing low or no heat, as well as difficulties in igniting the burners. This may result in the flame burning backward outside of the burner tubes, which can damage your griddle and/or cause personal injury. Quickly, turn off the propane gas flow of the cylinder by turning the hand knob clockwise if this occurs. After cooling down, clean all burners.


  1. Turn the gas off at the LP cylinder.
  2. Take the cooking griddle off the stove. Remove each burner by lifting it up and out.
  3. Remove any debris from the burner’s interior with a stiff wire. A straightened coat hanger will also suffice.
  4. Instead, use compressed air. When utilizing this approach, ensure that you wear protective eyewear. Never enlarge the burner ports while cleaning them.
  5. Brush the burner’s outer surface. Remove any obstructions from the ports (holes).
  6. Examine the burners. Replace any that have fractures or enlarged pores. Replace the cooking griddle.
  7. According to the royal gourmet griddle Manual, do the Leak Test described above.

NOTE: It’s critical to properly position the burner and valve in order to ensure safety. Use only mild, non-abrasive cleaning chemicals or cloths; harsh or scrubbing solvents or abrasive pads may damage the surfaces or leave marks on them.


Proper storage of your royal gourmet griddle is part of maintenance. Folks often ask, can I keep my griddle outside? Yes, where else would it be with its bulk size, unless you have a mansion with a room to allocate to your griddle, you can keep your royal gourmet griddle in the garage or a shed. The griddle surface is made of steel, so you’re most likely going to run into the problem of rusting if adequate care is not taken. Do the following before storage:

Royal gourmet griddle
  1. Before putting it away, clean the griddle following the instructions given. Keep it in a cool, dry location.
  2. Only if the LP cylinder is removed and the gas griddle disconnected, can it be stored indoors.
  3. To safeguard your griddle, make sure to cover it after cleaning to allow dust and dirt from resting on it. There are a number of royal gourmet griddle covers available in the market to choose from.
  4. Before using the griddle after it has been stored for a while, perform a Leak Test, this is a very important safety rule.